Test your Blue light Glasses?

in Jan 22, 2024

Do my blue light glasses work? 

If you haven’t checked yet, read Do Blue Light glasses work? If you already know how real blue blocking glasses work, you can test your blue light glasses below.

  • Test your night glasses.
  • Test your day glasses.
  • Conclusion 

Test your night glasses. 

This test can be used to test night glasses. The ones you wear before bed time.

Step nº1: Make sure you are wearing the right glasses.

If you are testing your night time glasses, in our case the NightPro lenses, you should look at the circles below and see the inner triangles (cyan, magenta and yellow) practically disappear and the blue circle will also become nearly black. 

You will only be able to distinguish clearly the red circle, the green circle, which now will look much darker, and the yellow and white triangles which now will appear nearly the same color.

 RGB Color Wheel Blue Light Glasses Test

Another test you can try on your night glasses, once again our NightPro lenses, is the following:

Look at the two squares below. Both squares should appear practically the same color.



These two easy to do at home tests are good, but will not give you a 100% accurate answer. You have to bear in mind that the colour of your screen and the time of the day and the environment around you can affect the way you perceive colors. Still with that in mind, they can be used as a first test.

Test your day glasses.

Testing your day glasses is a bit more complicated. Depending on the time of the year and  the place you are located in, the light will be different. You don’t have the same light at 5pm during Summer time in Spain, than at 5pm during winter time in Spain.

The rule here is to make sure that the lenses are tinted. If they are, you guarantee at least a 50% blue light coverage.

Remember that the sun emits blue light as well so it is fine to be exposed to this sort of light during the day. The key is to reduce the exposure as the sun goes down. Especially during winter times.

Look at the sun in the place where you live, and wear the lenses accordingly.

See the graphic below. Once the sun starts to go down (afternoon) is time for DayPro lenses. When the sun is setting, time to wear NightPro lenses. (Time will depend on your location).




Testing your night lenses with these two home tests, will provide you with a good indicator of their real blue light blockage. The best thing to do is to ask the company for real proof. You can find our blue light glasses results in this blog post Most effective Blue Light glasses [with Proof].

Testing your day lenses is not that easy as there are other factors to be taken into account, such as time of the year, location and environment. The rule of thumb is, look at the sun. If it’s past noon time, you can start wearing your day glasses. If the sun is setting or has already set, it’s time to wear your night glasses.


Do your glasses work? If not, do not worry. We have got you covered. At Red Light Rising we offer both daytime and nighttime glasses

Find out more about them here: Most Advanced Blue light Glasses? 

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