About Us


Welcome to the Red Light Rising family!

We are passionate about health and wellbeing, and we’re thankful you’re taking the time to learn about the benefits of light therapy from our site.  Here's a little bit about us and our personal journeys…


Bryan and James co-founded Red Light Rising in 2017.  Having lived and breathed wellness most of our lives, looking at ways to improve our health and optimise performance, our journey led us to discover Photobiomodulation (PBM).  

PBM has incredible powers and can really enhance people’s quality of life.  Whether your goal is to have glowing and younger looking skin, maximise recovery from workouts, have increased energy levels, or to improve circadian rhythm and deeper sleep cycles.  PBM can really help you achieve these goals and many, many more… 


Our company mission is to bring you this latest top end PBM technology, and make is accessible to everyone at an affordable price.  We believe in this technology so much, and once the benefits are more widely publicised, it will not be long before there is a PBM device in every home.

We have a very active community on Instagram, we love all red light, so please tag us in shots of you using your devices @RedLightRising


That’s enough about the benefits and company, now it’s time to learn a little about the people behind the brand…



James Strong: @JamesEStrong

I like to challenge the norm, and it is this nature that led to me to seek out our own red-light technology manufacturing process when presented with the limited selection of high priced brands currently on the market.


Tell us about yourself?

From a young age, I was lucky enough to enjoy all sports…a lot!  Being brought up in Wales, this passion and hunger eventually led me to playing 7 seasons of rugby at London Welsh in the Championship, and representative honours with Wales at U19 and U21 age groups, before playing for the Wales 7s team on the IRB circuit for 2 years. 

Injury and recovery have always been struggles throughout my semi-professional rugby career, and if I had known about red light therapy and the immense recovery benefits, I might have been able to take my career to the next level or continue for a few more seasons at this level.

Since retiring from rugby, due to injury, I have also retired from Triathlon (a theme is developing...a short 2-year career where I managed to represent Team GB at the amateur Sprint World Championships) and have more recently taken up calisthenics plus I’ve got back into weight training.  Every day I enjoy going for long walks with my wife and our dog through west London, and I predominately follow a Bulletproof/Ketogenic lifestyle (as does my dog!).


Favourite thing about red light?

I use red light daily, and despite training harder in the gym than I did in my 20’s, I have not suffered from DOMs or any noteworthy muscle soreness.  The increased blood flow, micro-nutrient delivery, and regenerative benefits are truly amazing (and apprecaiated!).



Bryan Gohl: @bryan.gohl

I’ve got a real passion for wellness and I love to talk about it! Red light therapy is definately one of my favourite biohacks with which Ive noticed wonderful benefits.  Thats why I decided to co-find Red Light Rising, using my passion for sharing the principles of wellness and spreading the word about red light therapy!


Tell us about yourself?

I've been interested in health,wellnss and exercise in many forms for many years.

My father first taught me to do push ups and sit ups when I was about 5 years old. A few years after that I began making my own dumbbells out of garden posts and broken bricks.

When I turned 15 years old I was finally allowed to join my local gym and began hitting the weights with fierce commitment!  Protein shakes and creatine soon followed after that!

After nearly 12 years of exploring wellness and exercise in all its forms, I settled down into vegetarianism for 7 years under the impression that it was indeed the healthiest way to eat.

After suffering various degenerative conditions mostly in the form of near constant, debilitating joint pain and serious digestive issues, I finally relented to the fact that my diet may have been playing a role in my failing health. 

Thats when I discovered the Bulletproof diet and biohacking!


Fast forward 4 years and I am back on track, healthier and stronger than I have ever been, mostly thanks to a low carb high fat diet and the variety of biohacks that I practise everyday, including of course, red light therapy!


Favourite thing about red light?

I love using my light first thing in the morning for that bolt of light energy to wake up my brain and kick start my circadian rhythm. The light also works wonders for my joints warming them up in the morning ready for the day ahead!

I'm quite clumsy unfortunately, so I am always covered in bruises and cuts and the red light really speeds up the healing process getting me back in to the game sooner everytime!




Thank you for taking the time to look through our site, and we look forward to hearing about your incredible results once you see the (red) light!

"After using my Full Stack every day, both my partner and I have noticed improvements in recovery, energy, sleep and skin health. The Full Stack has been a really great investment and has become a staple in my morning routine. I can't imaging not waking up to my morning sessions of stretches while enjoying the benefits of photobiomodulation - it's been an absolute game changer!!"


"I've been using Red Light Rising for just over a month now, and I see a clear difference in my facial skin tone and quality. Whereas I would normally break out at least once a week, I've had absolutely no skin issues to speak of, and my face does truly look younger (especially with fewer fine lines around my eyes). I've also noticed improved energy and recovery from my workouts so far too... I'm excited to see what happens in the future - I'm definitely a believer and will be using the light religiously!"

Jeff Taraday

Co-Owner Trussi

"Truly amazing work you have done. Full stack custom made. Been using bulbs before. But all body coverage is amazing. Shoulder and knee pain very reduced. And my energy is higher. Better sleep. Skin is loving it of course. Everyone should have some sort of Redlight therapy at home. I highly recommend you guys. Thank you so much again! Kind regards Camilla"

Camilla Rønhovde

"When I first heard about red light therapy I was very skeptical and thought it was just another fad. Then I started seeing friends using the lights with results and heard people I look up to in the industry talk about the real time benefits so I decided to give it a go. I wanted to use the light to help with a skin irritation I was getting and as a general mood enhancer. After a few weeks I started to notice that damaged skin, cuts and bruises are healing quicker and it’s helped ease the irritation. I'm looking forward to using it in winter when there is less sun as I know I’ll see real results then. I'd recommend red light therapy to anyone looking to add another dimension to their healing game."

Shaun M.

from @rawform_calisthenics

"I received my half stack on November 13 & started using it right away. Within 2 weeks of use, my massage therapist asked if I had started using a new skin care product as she already noticed the difference in the collagen on my face! I'm 43. My energy levels and sleep quality have improved tremendously. My strength has also improved within this short amount of time. I use the light twice a day for about 20 minutes each. Thank you, Red Light Rising!"

Sally Doyle

"Bought this for my eldest daughter for Christmas, she was thrilled and is using daily. Ordering was easy and I was kept informed of dispatch and delivery."

Belinda Leighton

"I was after an entry level, affordable red light to test out (before getting a full panel) so I went for the Target Light, which is great so far. It feels like a good quality product and arrived as described. I keep it next to my bed and pop it on my face for 10 mins when I wake up or before bed. Looking forward to seeing the results after a few weeks of use. The most immediate thing I've noticed is that my eyebrow hairs are growing back! They were thinning."

Renee C

"Joint experience for us. Husband has used it to relieve pain in his replacement knee joints to great effect. I have used it to help healing of scarred tissue on my face following a small procedure. Found to be very helpful and a calming experience at the same time."

Glenda Sinclair

"Not only os this portable device pure joy (I can travel with it anywhere!) but also Bryan and James are such caring, attentive people. We’re using it for thyroid and will be using it post surgery in the next few months. The effects of wellbeing are immediate so I can only imagine what they will be like with continued use over the next few months! Get yourself one of these, they also have the best prices and the owners have all my respect"

Ximena de la Serna

"I'm a runner and bought a Target Light to aid in muscle recovery. I run almost every day and using the light after every run on problem areas really seems to speed up the recovery process. Their customer service is top notch too, I highly recommend!"


"I use it for injury mitigation and fast recovery. I have only positive results and it serves me amazing. I hope it will remain so and I recommend it to anyone in need of special treatment on any part of their body! Super product!"

Jernej Leskovar

"VERY happy with my TARGET LIGHT!! Normally my Achilles hurt on the very first jump during beach volleyball, but last week it took about 75 mins until they began to ache... that was only after 3 1/2 days of twice a day treatment, 5-10 mins for each leg, plus the calf. I've also used the target light on my forehead for cognitive and emotional benefit, my neck and thyroid for better energy and hormones, and while I haven't taken baselines, I'm very mindful of my state and overall I'm feeling great and super productive. Finally, my resting heart rate has been between 45-50bpm which is lower than normal, and to me a VERY good sign I'm healthier and more rested than ever before. I'm sharing the target light with everyone I know, and use it with my Brain Room clients to help them during meditation, and focusing tasks. A++++"

Robert Gronbeck

"Delighted with my new red light. I went for the target light initially and my partner and I use it every morning during meditation for 10 minutes. My partner has noticed a significant improvement in her Rosacea and we’ve both noticed our energy levels are up. I also feel more alert. I see the red light as a way of increasing energy and improving my health at a cellular level. Anything I can do for my mitochondria is a plus!"

Leanne S