Most Advanced Blue light Glasses?

in Jan 22, 2024

Our Premium Eyewear Range

If you haven’t checked yet, read Most effective Blue Light glasses [with Proof] and learn about the most advanced blue light glasses.

In today’s article we are going to dive a little deeper into our Blue light blocking range.

  • The NYX glasses.
  • The HYPNOS glasses.
  • The MORPHEUS glasses.
  • Conclusion

We already know how effective the lenses are with the DayPro lenses blocking 95% of Blue Light and the NighPro lenses blocking 100% of Blue and Green light. 

It’s time to move into the frames.

We offer 2 different frame styles, with 3 different materials.

The NYX glasses

  • Meaning: God of Night
  • Style of frames: Wayfair
  • Frame material: Acetate

This model is available with both the DayPro lenses and the NightPro lenses.

Perfect to use while working out or performing activities that require a lot of movement.

A compact and waterproof design that will make sure the glasses stay in place and protect your eyes.




The HYPNOS glasses

  • Meaning: God of Sleep
  • Style of frames: Aviator
  • Frame material: Stainless steel


This model is available with both the DayPro lenses and the NightPro lenses.

It is perfect to wear during events or social gatherings. Their stylish design will make sure you maintain a professional look while still blocking the damaging effects of blue light. They are also waterproof and will not rust.


The MORPHEUS glasses

  • Meaning: God of Dreams
  • Style of frames: Aviator
  • Frame material: Titanium


This model is available with both the DayPro lenses and the NightPro lenses.

The Morpheus frame is perfect for social events and also high intensity activities. The titanium adds extra comfort to the aviator style frames turning them into a solid yet sophisticated pair. Also waterproof and incredibly resistant.



All frames are a great choice, the decision comes down to your lifestyle and priorities.

If you want to start slow, to get used to the blue light blocking glasses, you can first get the DayPro lenses in your favourite frame style. If you are going to use them while sitting down and not moving much, the HYPNOS can be a good choice.

On the other hand, if you want to start with the maximum blockage, without any doubt go for the NightPro lenses and once again choose your favourite frame style. If you will be moving a lot, or need a very compact frame, the NYX can be a good choice for you.

Lastly, if you want the best quality frame in terms of style and resistance, go for the MORPHEUS. They are the most expensive ones for a reason. The titanium makes them hard to break, comfortable and very light. Of course both the DayPro and NighPro lenses are a good choice for them.

You know you want them. Now the question is, which ones do you choose? Discover the most advanced blue light glasses here.

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