Myths and Facts about Blue Light

in Jan 22, 2024

What is true and what isn’t?

In this blog we are going to cover myths and facts about blue light.

  • Introduction
  • Myths about Blue Light
  • Facts about Blue Light
  • Conclusion


Digital eye strain is becoming a topic of discussion as we increase our daily use of electronic devices. It's often said that devices like smartphones and laptops emit light that could have various effects on our well-being.


Myths about Blue Light

Myth 1: Blue Light Is Not Natural

In reality, blue light is a natural part of sunlight. During daylight hours, it's believed to play a role in our alertness and mood. However, the key is understanding the balance and timing of exposure.

Myth 2: All Blue Light is Bad for You

Blue light is a natural component of sunlight. Its impact varies depending on the time of day. For example, some studies suggest that exposure to blue light during daytime might have certain benefits, but these are areas of ongoing research.

Myth 3: Digital Eye Strain Can’t Be Avoided

While prolonged screen time can be challenging for our eyes, there are ways to manage its impact. Using blue light blockers in the evening might be one strategy to consider for your routine.


Facts about Blue Light

Fact 1: Blue Light and the Eyes

Some studies suggest that prolonged exposure to certain types of light could affect the eyes. Wearing blue light glasses might be a choice for those looking to manage their screen time, especially in the evenings.

Fact 2: Blue Light and Digital Strain

Extended screen time can sometimes lead to discomfort. Blue light glasses are chosen by some people as a way to potentially reduce these effects.

Fact 3: Blue Light and Retinal Health

Age-related changes in the retina are a natural process. There's discussion about whether blue light could impact this, and some choose to use blue light glasses as a precautionary measure.

In combination with lifestyle adjustments, such as Red Light Therapy sessions, some people find they can better manage their screen exposure.


When considering eye comfort and managing screen time, especially in the late afternoon and evening, blue light glasses might be an option worth exploring.

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