Do Blue Light Glasses work?

in Nov 19, 2023

Real Blue light glasses

In this blog we are going to cover some basics for you to understand how blue light glasses work.

  1. Blue light blocking glasses DO work.
  2. Clear lenses vs. tinted lenses
  3. Real Blue light glasses
  4. Conclusion


Blue light glasses WORK. 

There are hundreds of studies (you can find some linked at the bottom of this article) and thousands of testimonials from people that share all the benefits they have experienced once they have started wearing blue light glasses on a daily basis. The most common ones are:

  • Better quality of sleep due to increased melatonin production.
  • Reduced headaches and tiredness as a result of having  better sleep.
  • Reduced eye strain by decreasing the amount of exposure to blue light.

But people also report:

  • Increased energy levels due to better sleep.
  • Hormone regulation after the circadian rhythm or internal body clock has adjusted to the new routine.
  • Better mood as a result of all the previous benefits.


Clear lenses vs. Tinted lenses

The truth is, clear lenses only block from 5% to 25% of blue light. They are fine to wear during the day, as the sun naturally produces blue light during the day, but after 2 pm and especially after sunset, they will not work.

Your brain will perceive blue light and believe it is still day time. As a result your body will not trigger melatonin production, and you are going to have a poor sleep.

What happens with tinted lenses?

The more pigmented the lenses, the more they will block blue light.

If your eyes sense orange and red colours, this indicates to the brain that the sun is going down, and the brain starts to release melatonin, and prepare for sleep.

Our DayPro lenses have been tested by the Light Industry Association and they block 95% of blue light

Our NightPro lenses have also been tested by the Light Industry Association and they block 100% of blue and green light.

You can find both results in this blog post Most effective Blue Light glasses [with Proof]

The yellow/orange and red color in the lenses neutralises the blue and as a result, your eyes will not perceive it.


REAL Blue light glasses

Although clear lenses are marketed as blue light glasses, the lack of pigment in the lenses means they will barely block any blue light.

If you want to make sure you are protecting your eyes from blue light, buy TINTED lenses. They are the real blue light blockers.

blue light glasses work


Science and product tests have shown the truth.

Clear lenses do not block enough light to make an impact on your sleep. Tinted lenses, like our DayPro and NightPro lenses, will block 95%-100% of blue light and will definitely impact your sleep and improve your overall health as a result.

Are you going to sacrifice your sleep or are you going to protect it?

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