Red light therapy helps in Covid-19 case

in Nov 19, 2023

In today’s blog we are sharing with you some amazing results that show how Red Light therapy helps in a Covid-19 case.

  • Introduction
  • Inflammation vs Covid-19
  • Patient & treatment
  • Results

A few weeks ago, The Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy published an article demonstrating how Red Light Therapy can be an alternative method for significantly reducing inflammation in the lungs of a COVID-19 patient.

There’s still a lot of unknown information around COVID-19, but what we do know so far is:

  • There is a higher mortality risk in patients with preexisting health conditions such as diabetes, auto-immune disease, asthma and obesity. All conditions that predispose the body to inflammation or cause inflammation when the condition appears. 
  • One of the common health implications of COVID-19 involves weak lung function, and inflammation in the chest.


 Inflammation vs. Covid-19

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to fighting harmful viruses and bacteria. When inflammation occurs, a signal is sent to the immune system which releases white blood cells, proteins and increases blood flow to the compromised area of the body.

COVID-19 symptoms can vary in every person infected.

However, in the most severe cases, a common symptom is shortness of breath due to inflammation in the lungs and cytokine storms.

In the case we are referring to, doctors in the USA city of Massachusetts paired conventional COVID-19 treatments with Red Light Therapy sessions. They decided to pair the treatments after some previous research showing how beneficial Red Light Therapy was in relieving inflammation and lung healing.


Patient & Treatment

Patient’s previous health history involved: Asthma and a brain tumor removal.

Patient’s current health: A morbidly obese female age 32.

After seven days of increasing symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough and diarrhea, the patient was diagnosed with severe COVID-19 which resulted in pneumonia.

The treatment administered to treat symptoms was the following:

Once daily, the patient received four consecutive sessions of Near Infrared Light administered over the posterior chest for 28 minutes. Evaluation metrics such as x-rays and blood markers were taken before and after the sessions. (x-ray pictured above).



“COVID-19 treatment in adjunct with Red Light Therapy can potentially negate the need for ventilator support and ICU admission”.

The results suggest that COVID-19 treatment in adjunct with Red Light Therapy can potentially negate the need for ventilator support and ICU admission, which was initially expected in this specific patient.
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Following LLLT* our patient showed improvement over a few days in respiratory indices, radiological findings, inflammatory markers, and patient outcomes.” This treatment plan has the potential to significantly reduce length of stay, severity of disease, and the clinical burden in our hospitals.

*Low Level Laser Therapy or RLT. 

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Source of information here. 

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