Red light therapy helps in Covid-19 case

in Feb 14, 2024

In today's blog, we are sharing information about a case where Red Light Therapy was used alongside conventional treatments for a COVID-19 patient.

  • Introduction
  • Inflammation vs. Covid-19
  • Patient & Treatment
  • Results


The Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy published an article discussing the use of Red Light Therapy in a COVID-19 case. The article suggests that inflammation plays a significant role in the severity of COVID-19 symptoms, especially in patients with preexisting health conditions.

Inflammation vs. Covid-19

Inflammation is a natural response of the body to fight harmful viruses and bacteria. In severe COVID-19 cases, patients often experience shortness of breath due to inflammation in the lungs.

Patient & Treatment

The patient in this case was a 32-year-old female with a history of asthma and a previous brain tumor removal. She was diagnosed with severe COVID-19, resulting in pneumonia. As part of her treatment, she received sessions of Near Infrared Light administered over the posterior chest once daily for four consecutive days, each session lasting 28 minutes. Evaluation metrics such as x-rays and blood markers were taken before and after the sessions.


The article suggests that the use of Red Light Therapy, in conjunction with conventional COVID-19 treatments, showed some positive outcomes in this particular case. The patient showed improvement in respiratory indices, radiological findings, inflammatory markers, and overall outcomes.

The article concludes that Red Light Therapy could potentially be beneficial in managing COVID-19 symptoms, especially in reducing inflammation in the lungs. However, more research is needed to fully understand its effectiveness and application in COVID-19 treatment.

Source of information: Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy


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