Red Light Therapy for Testosterone

in Jan 29, 2024

Is it true?

Today's blog delves into the discussion around Red Light Therapy (RLT) and its potential relation to testosterone levels, sparked by emerging research and public interest.

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The topic garnered attention following a 2017 blog post by biohacker Ben Greenfield. Subsequent discussions by figures like Dr. Saladino and Jay Wiles further fueled interest in RLT’s potential effects on testosterone, sex drive, and fertility.

Studies & Science

Research on RLT’s impact on sexual health, particularly in human studies, is still in early stages. Animal studies have suggested possible effects on leydig cells in the testicles, which play a role in sperm production. Moreover, there is limited human research indicating potential influences of light therapy on testosterone levels and sexual satisfaction. However, these findings are preliminary and need further investigation to draw concrete conclusions.

Dr. Hamblin, a noted authority on red light therapy, has pointed out the nascent nature of this research area, highlighting the potential but also the need for more in-depth studies.


When assessing anecdotal accounts of RLT’s benefits, it's crucial to consider the holistic health practices of individuals involved. These include various lifestyle and dietary habits that could also influence their reported outcomes.

While RLT is recognized for certain effects like improved blood circulation, its direct impact on sexual health and testosterone levels remains an area for ongoing research.


The conversation around RLT, testosterone, and sexual health is evolving, with more studies needed to establish any definitive links. For those considering RLT, it should be approached as one component within a wider wellness strategy, and always in consultation with healthcare professionals.

For further reading, the following studies provide more context:

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