Red Light Therapy changed my life

in Nov 20, 2023

The amazing testimonial from Renata

 In this blog we are going to share with you an incredible testimonial from one of our clients, Renata.

  • Background story
  • Changing point 
  • Red Light Therapy experience
  • Conclusion


Background Story

As Renata says herself: “For as long as I can remember I’ve always had thyroid problems, which later turned into Hashimoto’s, PCOS, insomnia, anxiety, and mood swings…”

Since she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, she was prescribed drugs, which she has been taking for about 8 years now. 

Unfortunately, despite the introduction of a gluten-free diet and the elimination of dairy products, the changes were small. Both insomnia and inner anxiety did not go away, and even got worse, two years ago after the sudden loss of her mother and the Covid lockdowns.

As you probably know, stress is conducive to Hashimoto’s.

red light therapy testimonial 

Changing Point 

One day, while scrolling through her phone, Renata came across one of our friends, Davina Taylor’s posts, about red light therapy as a form of therapy for Hashimoto’s.

It really caught her attention and she started doing her own research on the topic. She finally decided to go with the company that Davinia Taylor was using, us.

Here is where everything started to change.


Red Light Therapy Experience

After only a few days using the light, she started sleeping through the night and waking up with the alarm, which was something that never used to happen.

The deep and restful nights started making her days much easier to survive, as she puts it.

Her mood improved, her overall wellbeing got better, the anxiety and constant weariness disappeared, and her concentration improved.

All of this within just a few days.

What she wasn’t expecting is what comes next.

She was prescribed glasses 10 years ago and, after about two months of using the light, she started realising that her eyesight was improving to the point of not needing her glasses anymore!

Her hair and nails have strengthened as well and her complexion, which has also improved.

She was so happy with the results that she convinced her dad to use the light on his sore knee and after a few days, the pain was gone, with only 5min a day of therapy.

You can check out the full interview that one of our founders, Bryan did with Renata this past week in the link below.

red light therapy testimonial 


Renata is a great example of self love, perseverance and faith. She never succumbed to her health problems and instead decided to do her own research and try other forms of therapies that are not just the mainstream prescription drugs. 

For anyone reading this article, we encourage you to give red light therapy a try, just like Renata did. It might be just a small decision, but it can change your life forever.

Below you can find Renata’s testimonial (in Polish) too:


referencje dotyczące terapii światłem czerwonym

Renata use the Target Light Combo, which has now been replaced by the new and improved version, the Target Light 2.0.

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