Red Light Therapy changed my life

in Feb 1, 2024

The amazing testimonial from Renata

We're thrilled to bring you a story that might resonate with many of you. It's about Renata, a client who explored red light therapy (RLT) alongside traditional treatments for her health conditions. This is her journey.

  • Background story
  • A Turning point 
  • Experience with Red Light Therapy
  • Watch the Full Interview
  • Conclusion

Background Story:

Renata's health journey has been complex and challenging, marked by conditions such as thyroid issues and Hashimoto’s, among others. Despite adhering to medical advice, including medication and diet changes, she sought additional ways to support her well-being.

A Turning Point:

Renata's curiosity about alternative wellness options led her to discover red light therapy. Inspired by others' experiences shared online, she decided to see if RLT could complement her existing health regimen.

Experience with Red Light Therapy:

Renata began incorporating RLT into her daily routine. She noticed changes that made a significant difference in her life:

  • Improved sleep quality, allowing her to wake up feeling more rested.
  • A notable shift in her mood and general well-being, reducing feelings of anxiety.
  • An increase in her focus and energy levels throughout the day.

While Renata was using RLT, she also observed changes that were unexpected yet welcome:

  • A perceived improvement in her eyesight, which had been a concern for years.
  • Stronger hair and nails, and an improvement in her skin's appearance.

Renata shared her positive experience with her family, leading her father to try RLT for knee discomfort. He, too, noticed a difference after a short period.

Watch the Full Interview:

For those interested in hearing more about Renata's experience, we've got a detailed interview conducted by one of our founders, Bryan. Watch it here.


Renata's story is one of exploration and open-mindedness in the pursuit of wellness. It highlights how complementary therapies like RLT can play a role in one’s overall health strategy. We're inspired by her journey and hope it encourages others to research and consider various wellness tools in consultation with healthcare professionals.


Renata's experiences are personal and shared for informational purposes. Results with RLT can vary, and it's important to approach any new therapy under the guidance of a healthcare provider.

Renata utilized our Target Light Combo, now succeeded by the updated Target Light 2.0, as part of her wellness routine.


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