Free Shipping for the EU Now Available ++ New Products!

in Jun 4, 2024

We're thrilled to announce that we're offering free shipping to the EU as part of our special…

EU Warehouse Launch Offer!

This is your chance to take advantage of huge discounts on our best sellers, including 

Half Stacks - Full StacksThe Advantage Wrap 

Product image Flexible red light therapy wrap for pain

Use code PREORDER15 to save 15% on the above products.

And our new products which we will announce on 15 June 2024…

(Sadly, Target Lights & Blue Blockers are not included in the offer at this time.)

EU Warehouse Launch Offer!

What Is It?

- Exclusive Discounts: Save big on Half StacksFull Stacks & Advantage Wraps when you pre-order now…

Use code PREORDER15 to save 15% on the above products.

- Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on all pre-orders within the EU.

- Early Access: Be the first to receive our new products when they ship in August 2024.

When Does The Offer Start & End?

- Pre-order Now: You can reserve your Half Stack,Full Stack or Advantage Warp panel now and get the savings…

Save 15% on them both PLUS the FREE EU SHIPPING…

Soon, we will announce the new products (1 handheld device + 2 premium, upgraded body panels…)

These will also be available for pre order of 20% off + FREE EU SHIPPING…

- Limited Stock: We will start with small batches and limited stock in the EU, so don't miss out!

- Shipping Starts mid August 2024: Reserve your lights today by ordering and save cash…

Your pre-ordered items will be delivered in mid August 2024.

Don't Miss Out!

These discounts and free shipping are available only for pre-orders placed before 15 July 2024 and while this limited batch lasts... 

Once this initial stock is gone, the discounts will be removed. 

Act Now!

These huge savings won’t last long!

In Summary:

  • Save 15% on Half Stacks, Full Stacks & Advantage Wraps right now and get free shipping, starting mid August 2024: Use Code PREORDER15 
  • New products announced on 15 June 2024 and they will be 20% off for a short time
  • All EU orders will be shipped for FREE in mid August 2024

If you have questions, please send us a message on Whats App now.

Buy Your Half Stack Or Full Stack Here


Wait For New Products Announcement…

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