Things to do in quarantine

If you want to visit your favorite city, but cannot do it in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, do not be discouraged. Thanks to the development of Internet technologies, you can visit many places in the world while staying at home. All you need is a home computer, laptop, desire and a cup of your favorite coffee. Many services allow virtual travel around the world.

How to use the services?

To begin with, you can choose the standard Google Maps. This will allow you without advanced computer knowledge and surfing the Internet. It is enough to open the indicated map and enter the desired location or object in a special search. You can find the building of interest or just enter the name of the city you want to visit. Then follow these steps:

  1. Find the image of a man in the lower right corner.
  2. Pressing the left mouse button, we transfer it to the street of our favorite city.
  3. Immediately after moving the little man to the desired place, release the left mouse button and begin to examine the surroundings.

For virtual travel, an application from Google for mobile devices is also suitable. In general, the search system for the necessary places is identical here.

4K virtual travel

To discover new horizons, you do not have to go to quarantine by country. Using the dedicated Walking around 4K option, users will be able to take virtual tours to selected cities on Youtube. A high quality tour will open before you, allowing you to appreciate the delights of cities such as Rome or London, Tokyo or New York.

Why travel on the Internet?

Such services contribute to the development of a vacation plan in 2021. With their help, you can think over the route of your excursions as soon as air traffic or country borders open. This will help you not to waste time at the end of the quarantine and get incredible emotions from visiting your favorite places.

Immediately after choosing a country or city, you should:

  • Calculate a budget, because travel is expensive.
  • Decide on accommodation and check availability on arrival date.
  • Book plane tickets for the dates indicated.
  • Take care of insurance, taking into account the 2020 pandemic.
  • Collect and prepare documents, things, etc.

This approach will allow you to get ready for a trip without wasting extra time immediately after the opportunity arises.

Online entertainment efficiently

However, not everyone prefers to relax on long trips. Some people get tired of the thought of flying or traveling by car. Such people can also have fun during the quarantine period, using this time to their advantage. We are talking about online casino sites where even 5 minutes of time evokes a lot more emotions. They also open up access to alternative earnings, which are not available to many at the time of the pandemic.

Why play online casinos?

Gambling sites offer you a free game on slots and slots in the company of funny characters. These entertainments have vivid graphics and animations, and also quickly add to the game process. At the same time, you do not lose your personal money savings, because playing for money is optional.

But if you wish to try your luck in the paid mode, an impressive world of 3,000 - 5,000 slots opens up for you. Each of them has a certain structure, refers to a popular topic and has a well-thought-out bonus system on site

In the process of making money, the institution itself helps you. The sites have a system of registration bonuses and free spins for a deposit. The minimum deposit of funds in the amount of 10-100 pounds will allow you to enjoy gambling for a long time and win several thousand.

How to choose an online casino?

Experience is an important factor when looking for establishments. If you don't have it, take advantage of expert opinion. The casino rating contains verified establishments that pay funds on time. All of them have a license and certificates of reliability of the random number generator, which is responsible for the result of the game.

As you can see, there are enough vacation options for today. It all depends only on your desire and luck. Visit interesting countries or spin the reels of slots. We wish you a quiet quarantine and big wins!