Flight attendant profession: example resume

Flight attendant (steward) - an employee of the rank and file on air and water vessels. Representatives of this profession can be attributed to service personnel with increased responsibility. Stewards ensure the comfort and safety of passengers, as well as perform a number of other ""invisible"" actions, which are aimed at the successful completion of the flight.

Among the main duties of a flight attendant are the following:

  • inspection of the cabin before and after the flight;
  • control of the sanitary condition of the aircraft (ship);
  • checking the availability of all necessary emergency equipment;
  • briefing of passengers;
  • providing the passengers with food;
  • arranging passengers around the cabin.

Nuances of the profession

It is believed that flight attendants should work exclusively women. In the 1930s, American airlines decided to attract young, attractive girls to the steward position. They found common language with passengers quicker and were a live advertisement for the companies.

The work of a flight attendant is full of communication with different people. Often on board there are unforeseen situations. It is stewards and stewardesses who should be the first to react to such moments. The main task of flight attendants is passenger safety during the flight. And it means that steward is in constant tension, assessing and controlling the situation in the cabin.

In addition to communication and attentiveness, there is a whole set of qualities that are necessary for work in the position of a flight attendant. Here are some of them:

  • good eyesight;
  • clear diction;
  • presentable appearance;
  • friendliness;
  • stable vestibular apparatus;
  • stamina;
  • good memory.

If a flight attendant works on international flights, he/she needs to know foreign languages. In addition, knowledge of the rules of air transportation, terms of food sale, peculiarities of operation of emergency equipment are required.

How to become a flight attendant?

Flight attendants and stewardesses graduate from educational institutions with different degrees of accreditation. These may be universities or colleges with such specialties:

  • Service;
  • Service on transport;
  • Cabin attendant of a ship.

The success of employment largely depends on a competently composed of a flight attendant resume. The airline industry is constantly evolving. New airlines are emerging. A qualified flight attendant can find a job relatively easily. Especially if he knows foreign languages. This skill greatly expands the horizons of finding a good employer.