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There is a science to using your light, but you don’t need to be a scientist to understand it! The first thing to understand is the curious phenomenon experienced in red and infrared light therapy known as biphasic dose response. Biphasic Dose Response Explained…

It has been clinically shown that beneficial effects are experienced from the 1 minute mark up to about the 20 minute mark, but after 20 minutes, the benefits begin to decrease again like a bell curve. This is not quite understood why.

The important thing to remember is that there is no negative effect, only a lessening positive effect as you exceed 20mins, which becomes a time waste. Nothing more.

Great, so you’re saying spend between 1 and 20 minutes in front of the light…

How close to stand to the lights So, here’s the thing, there is a little bit of mathematics to do in terms of power density of the light (check out our blog Intensity) and the time you’ll need to stand in front of the light. The closer you are to the light, the higher the intesity of the light, meaning the more energy you are receiving in terms of light photons hitting your skin. There is a formula explained in our referenced blog on Intensity around this. but the good news is that Red Light Rising has done all the hard work for you! PHEW! For ‘The Target Light’ you need to consider the specific benefit you would like to target first. 

For targeting rejuvenation and younger looking skin, we recommend being at a distance between 40-60cm from the device. At 60cm the intensity of the light is 20mW/cm2. Mercola has recommended 20-30mW/cm2 being optimal. In order to achieve 6 Joules of energy at that intensity (the optimal amount of energy recommended by Mercola), you would need to have a treatment time of 6 minutes. You can build up your treatment times longer than this, but this has scientifically proven to be the optimal time – we would prefer to have two to three treamtments of 6-10minutes, rather than 1 long stint of 30 minutes. I’ve worked my way up to 10min treatment times, but in your first few uses, you can get a little flushed skin due to the increased circulation so best to build up times gradually.

For deeper tissue benefits and targetted work, you can get a little closer. It is recommended to be 10-20cm from the device for a treatment time of 5-10 minutes. This allows the light photons to penetrate deeper and reach some of your muscles and organs, allowing the beneficial healing power of red light to take it’s effect. Remember, the closer you are to the light, the higher the intensity. Therefore applying Mercola’s formula you will need less time in front of the light to achive the required amount of energy from it. 

Whatever goal you are targeting, you will still receive all the other benefits to do with red light therapy during your treatment (see our blog post on Which Wavelengths Work).

You should also feel the gentle warming effect on your body which is natural as red and near-infrared light improves blood circulation and mitochondrial energy and efficiency. 

Don’t worry though, the lights never get hot enough to burn you or damage your skin.

Frequency Of Treatments We recommend daily treatments, consistency is key to achieve the beneficial results! Our personal routine is daily morning treatments covering as much skin/body parts as posisble for 6-10 minutes each, with targeted shorter treatments later in the day for areas we want to focus on. Find what works for you and work it into your life! In Conclusion

At Red Light Rising, we have designed our lights in such a way as to get you the clinically proven, maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time.

The red and near-infrared light is closely identified with the sunrise and sunset light spectrums, so ideal use is first thing in the morning or around sunset, although this is not a requirement. It can enhance your circadium rhythm patterns and improve sleep quality if this protocol is followed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team through our Contact Us page or via email.

Please share how you are getting on, and we will look out for your journeys tagged on social media!

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