The Advantage User Guide

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The Advantage Series User Guide

There is a science to using your light, but you don’t need to be a scientist to understand it!

The first thing to understand is the curious phenomenon experienced in red and infrared light therapy known as biphasic dose response. 

Biphasic Dose Response Explained…

It has been clinically shown that beneficial effects are experienced from the 1-minute mark up to about the 20-minute mark, but after 20-minutes, the benefits begin to decrease again like a bell curve.

As you exceed the maximum recommended time, the benefits will reduce, and only when this is dramatically exceeded is there a risk of some oxidative stress due to the stress placed on the cells.

Great, so you’re saying spend between 1 and 20 minutes in front of the light…


How close to stand to the lights

There is a little bit of mathematics to do in terms of the power density of the light (check out our blog on Intensity) and the time you’ll need to stand in front of the light.  The closer you are to the light, the higher the intensity of the light, meaning the more energy you are receiving in terms of light photons hitting your skin and the deeper the penetration.  There is a formula explained in our referenced blog on Intensity around this. but the good news is that Red Light Rising has done all the hard work for you!

You need to consider the specific benefit you would like to target first, but remember you’ll be getting ALL the benefits while using the light.

You need skin exposed to the light for the benefits to be realised.  Therefore, you should perform a treatment on the area you want targeted with no clothing covering it.  If you wanted to target your leg muscles, you would therefore have to perform a treatment on the front of your legs, and then also the back of your legs.  Same goes for your torso and head.


Skin Health

For targeting rejuvenation and younger looking skin, plus any skin issues near the surface, we recommend being at a distance between 50-150cm from the device.  Mercola has recommended 20-30mW/cm2 being optimal for most skin health benefits, with Mercola and Ari Whitten both recommend the accumulation of between 3-15 Joules of energy for optimal skin and near surface benefits.  There is some evidence that lower power densities may be more optimal for treating the skin.

We recommend you build up your treatment times to the top end of the target over a few days to see how you respond.  This has scientifically proven to be the optimal time, and we would encourage you to follow these guidelines.  In your first few uses, you can get a little flushed skin due to the increased blood circulation, which is bringing a lot of positive nutrients and healing benefits, but best to build up times gradually.

Recommended Protocol:  Stand 100cm from the light for 2-6 minutes

Distance From ADV mW/cm2  Time (min) J/cm2    Time (min) J/cm2
20 cm 138                  0.36 3                    1.81 15
30 cm 121                  0.41 3                    2.07 15
50 cm 87                  0.57 3                    2.87 15
100 cm 48                  1.04 3                    5.21 15
150 cm 27                  1.85 3                    9.26 15 

Deeper Benefits, Muscle Performance and Recovery

For deeper tissue benefits, you need to get a little closer to the light.  It is recommended to be 15-30cm from the device for a treatment time of 5-20 minutes.  This allows the light photons to penetrate a little deeper, reaching deep into your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, glands, the brain and organs, allowing the beneficial healing power of red light to take its effect.  You need a higher dose when targeting the deeper tissue, to ensure you get the correct amount of light penetration to the deeper tissues.

Ari Whitten has recommended a dosage of 10-60 Joules in order achieve optimal benefits.  Everyone will respond slightly differently to the light energy, therefore try out different time frames between our guidelines and see where your sweet spot is.

Recommended Protocol 1:  Stand 15cm from the light for 1-7 minutes. 

Recommended Protocol 2:  Stand 30cm from the light for 2-9 minutes

Distance From ADV mW/cm2  Time (min) J/cm2    Time (min) J/cm2
15 cm 161                  1.04 10                    6.21 60
20 cm 138                  1.21 10                    7.25 60
30 cm 121                  1.38 10                    8.26 60
50 cm 87                  1.92 10                 11.49 60
100 cm 48                  3.47 10                 20.83 60
150 cm 27                  6.17 10                 37.04 60



Brain Health

For use on the brain, this may require slightly higher doses that those prescribed above, or at least you need to target the top end of spectrum shared.  It will take a relatively higher dose for enough light to penetrate through the skull and be delivered to the brain.

Therefore, it would be recommended to be at 15-20cm, and use the light for the full 5-10 minutes primarily targeting your head.



Timing of Treatments

There is no bad time to use red light therapy, so long as you are following the guidelines and being consistent, you will get incredible benefits.


In order to achieve most benefits regarding workout performance and recovery, it is recommended to use the lights before you train as a ‘pre-workout’.  You can use it up to 1 hour before your workout to simulate blood flow, energise your muscle, improve oxygenation of your cells, plus enhance nutrient delivery to all your key cells and muscles.

This protocol has been shown to be very effective for enhancing recovery and reducing muscle soreness (DOMS) as well.


Should recovery and reduced muscle soreness be your primary focus, then using the protocols post-workout is the most effective, looking to implement a treatment within 1 hour after working out.


If you are focussed on optimising your circadian rhythm, then you would want to use the lights with respect to the natural light cycles.  You see a lot of red light in the sky during sunrise and sunset.  Therefore, these would be the optimal times to implement your daily red light therapy session.

Using the light in the morning has shown to be a great marker for your circadian rhythm.  As mentioned in our Circadian Rhythm blog, the morning exposure to red light also optimises the performance of your glands and organs, plus your hormones.  Studies have demonstrated with morning red light therapy, you get increased serum melatonin levels during the evening, which enhances deep sleep and sleep cycles.



Frequency of Treatments

We recommend daily treatments; consistency is key to achieve maximum beneficial results!  Our personal routine is daily morning treatments covering as much skin/body parts as possible for a total of 10-30mins, with targeted shorter treatments later in the day for areas we want to focus on.  Find what works for you and work it into your life!

It is recommended by the experts to have daily treatments 5-6 days per week, and then to take 1-day rest.


In Conclusion

Whatever goal you are targeting, you will still receive all the other benefits to do with red light therapy during your treatment.  Decide on your key focus for the session and structure your protocol around that, but you will still get some deeper benefits when targeting skin health, and vice versa.


At Red Light Rising, we have designed our lights in such a way as to get you the clinically proven, maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team through our Contact Us page or via email.

Please share how you are getting on, and we will look out for your journeys tagged on social media!

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