The Target Light Combo 660nm + 850nm

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PLEASE NOTE- The Target Light Combo is permanently SOLD OUT.  It has been replaced by the newer, upgraded version, the Target Light 2.0.

The TL2.0 covers all the bases of the original Combo PLUS a whole lot more.

Click here > Target Light 2.0 < to learn more about how the TL2.0 may benefit you.

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Do you want rapid recovery from workouts, or aches and pains?  Do you want glowing, younger looking, rejuvenated skin?  Do you want more energy throughout the day?  Do you want an enhanced circadian rhythm and deeper sleep cycles?

A small but powerful portable red light therapy device, made with specifically chosen wavelengths for maximum mitochondrial stimulation and energy.

This unit is perfect for using for a red light facial, or more specific treatment to areas requiring the healing powers of red and near-infrared light, whether it is injury, rapid repair or reducing fine lines!

Very portable, this unit is the perfect travel companion when you are on the road, whether for business or pleasure.  The unit comes with a bulb holder and power cable with appropriate socket for your country of residence.


  • Power: 24w
  • Wavelengths: 660nm & 850nm or 660nm only
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 14cm
  • Fits any E26 and E27 screw lamp
  • Beam angle: 60 degrees
  • Lamp material: Aluminium
  • Completely silent


  • Up to 200mW/cm2 @ 0cm
  • 20mW/cm” @ 60cm


  • 2 years
  • or 50,000 hours use

Target Light comes with appropriate power socket for your country of residence.  Please message us if you have any special requests.


  • Shipping costs are included when you spend over £100, otherwise there will be a shipping cost.

28 reviews for The Target Light Combo 660nm + 850nm

  1. Robert Gronbeck

    VERY happy with my TARGET LIGHT!! Normally my Achilles hurt on the very first jump during beach volleyball, but last week it took about 75 mins until they began to ache… that was only after 3 1/2 days of twice a day treatment, 5-10 mins for each leg, plus the calf.
    I’ve also used the target light on my forehead for cognitive and emotional benefit, my neck and thyroid for better energy and hormones, and while I haven’t taken baselines, I’m very mindful of my state and overall I’m feeling great and super productive.
    Finally, my resting heart rate has been between 45-50bpm which is lower than normal, and to me a VERY good sign I’m healthier and more rested than ever before.
    I’m sharing the target light with everyone I know, and use it with my Brain Room clients to help them during meditation, and focusing tasks.

  2. Belinda Leighton

    Bought this for my eldest daughter for Christmas, she was thrilled and is using daily. Ordering was easy and I was kept informed of dispatch and delivery.

  3. Renee C

    I was after an entry level, affordable red light to test out (before getting a full panel) so I went for the Target Light, which is great so far. It feels like a good quality product and arrived as described. I keep it next to my bed and pop it on my face for 10 mins when I wake up or before bed. Looking forward to seeing the results after a few weeks of use. The most immediate thing I’ve noticed is that my eyebrow hairs are growing back! They were thinning.

  4. Glenda Sinclair

    Joint experience for us. Husband has used it to relieve pain in his replacement knee joints to great effect. I have used it to help healing of scarred tissue on my face following a small procedure. Found to be very helpful and a calming experience at the same time.

  5. Ximena de la Serna

    Not only os this portable device pure joy (I can travel with it anywhere!) but also Bryan and James are such caring, attentive people. We’re using it for thyroid and will be using it post surgery in the next few months. The effects of wellbeing are immediate so I can only imagine what they will be like with continued use over the next few months! Get yourself one of these, they also have the best prices and the owners have all my respect

  6. Jernej Leskovar

    I use it for injury mitigation and fast recovery. I have only positive results and it serves me amazing. I hope it will remain so and I recommend it to anyone in need of special treatment on any part of their body! Super product!

  7. Leigh

    I’m a runner and bought a Target Light to aid in muscle recovery. I run almost every day and using the light after every run on problem areas really seems to speed up the recovery process.
    Their customer service is top notch too, I highly recommend!

  8. Leanne S

    Delighted with my new red light. I went for the target light initially and my partner and I use it every morning during meditation for 10 minutes. My partner has noticed a significant improvement in her Rosacea and we’ve both noticed our energy levels are up. I also feel more alert. I see the red light as a way of increasing energy and improving my health at a cellular level. Anything I can do for my mitochondria is a plus!

  9. Chris Knott (verified owner)

    I was intrigued by the benefits of red light therapy so wanted to see what it was all about. I bought this product and haven’t been disappointed. I use it for 10-15 minutes on my face before bed and have really noticed an improvement in sleep quality. Strangely I do also feel more awake and alert when using it in the morning for meditation. Great product and has worked very well for me.

  10. [email protected]

    I absolutely love my red light combo. It’s been fantastic for skin health as well as fixing those niggly little aches and pains. I’ve also ordered the new target light for eye health. Can’t wait for it to arrive. After sales service with Red Light Rising has been amazing. Very impressed with the service and the products. Will definitely be a return shopper.

  11. Carolyn Nicholas (verified owner)

    Great for mitochondrial support and healing!

  12. howie.steven (verified owner)

    Bought to use on numerous parts of the body, from SI joint in back, knee, shoulder after sports. Have noticed considerable difference in reducing stiffness and less pain after 3 days or so. Now using it on the wife’s ankle after she went over it at the gym. Swelling is getting better, bruising improving. Excellent device and a must have especially in current time when access to health appointments are restricted, gives you control of any injuries.

  13. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Bought the target light combo for my husband’s torn calf muscle & for my sciatica. Fabulous results for both of us – we were fighting over who could use it first! Husband back to full fitness after two weeks of daily use when he couldn’t walk at all for the first 72 hours! Huge improvement for me too and continuing to use for ongoing treatment and just the amazing feel good energy that the red light gives! Have recommended to family & friends. Light is compact & light weight enough to hold against or rest on treated area and to also store away & the red cord is kind of funky too! Tip – the switch has two click settings. If you get one of these you will not be disappointed.

  14. Marie-Claire Meredith (verified owner)

    Absolutely delighted with my red light combo. My massage therapist recommended I buy this one after a red light panel treatment during a session. I have found the pain has lessened significantly although it is a little fiddly to set up so it points at the area I need, the flex is long enough to accommodate this.
    I also use it on my face at night before bed and have found my sleep to be much, much better.
    Would definitely recommend.

  15. Naomi Etherington (verified owner)

    Shocked! I wish I knew about this sooner. Ive been using the target combo light for around 2 weeks for different areas and I’m amazed at the difference. My main use is for a stiff ankle, which has eased and is less painful. I’m also using on my thyroid for a boost. My energy levels are higher, pain lower and the light is so calming to use, I look forward to the relaxation each day. I’m so glad I found this! Thank you Red Light Rising! I hope to save for some glasses and a half stack soon. Thanks again

  16. [email protected] (verified owner)

    It’s early days so far for my red light combo, and I debated whether or not to wait a while before leaving a review. However, there have already been so many positive changes, physically and mentally, since I started using it that I thought an early review might help anyone who is currently on the fence about trying one. The first thing to note is that it is excellent for post-training aches and pains/recovery. I recently suffered a slight knee tweak following heavy squats and just a few minutes of RLT with the combo lamp saw my knee pain-free the next day, which is unheard of for such an ailment, at least in my experience. Having lent the lamp to my parents, I have also been amazed at improvements in their mobility, especially my mother’s arthritic knees and hands. The other really interesting aspect is using the lamp to encourage hair growth, and this is what really had me considering holding off from reviewing, since it’s very much a long-haul type of condition. However, I have already seen decent regrowth, and it’s clear that the condition of my scalp has dramatically improved. I can feel constant circulation in my scalp now, along with a crackling sensation, which I suppose might be calcification or edema reducing. I am excited to keep using my lamp and what other positive changes it might encourage. If you suffer from aches and pains/inflammation-related conditions, I’d say definitely give this a try. It’s an ongoing experiment which seem to reveal more good news over time. I am highly impressed with the company and its products.

  17. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Its so good my daughter has stolen it to see if it will help with her acne! I bought to help with my aching legs, since I have me/cfs. Im not up walking each day and have developed shin splits, it is really helping ease the aches, every day its getting more bearable.

  18. tibo_06 (verified owner)

    Hello from France ! I got the target light combo after having read and seen many things about the benefits of red light therapy. It sounded rather strange to me than light might repair skin among other things, but when I learnt that this has been something used since more than a century with impressive results, I decided to try it. I suffer from chronic inflammations on my skin as well as eczema and psoriasis, and it got worse recently. So I started gluten free and then strict ketogenic diet, and it indeed got better, but still the skin kept being inflammed and itching. So I received the target light combo ten days ago, and first I should say that the customer service and delivery were amazing and very quick. The light is very portative and useful, so i tried it basically on every part of my body, even where I had no apparent problem. And, oh man, after then days, my inflammations almost completely disappeared and my skin is like I was 20 years old. This is the most visible but I read that the light might have some benefits for the eyes as well as to boost mitochondrias, which should lead to some fat loss. I am looking forward to it. I think of getting blue light blockers to increase the therapy and get real and full recovery nights… So in a word, this device is AMAZING.

  19. Haider Butt (verified owner)

    Got this for my mum, late 60s arthritis pain, she said it helps with her inflammation and brings it down for several hours/days. I also use it daily and have found noticeable benefits, including feeling better and trimmer.

  20. Angel Francisco Morla Avila (BM-89328) (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Target Light Combo por a couple of weeks to treat my thyroid hormones balance. As well, I decided to use the Users Guide criteria for creating a kind of “diversification”; so I apply therapy to my thyroid gland, my backache and my exercise performance. It’s been the best decision taken in pretty much time.

  21. anggcraig (verified owner)

    I started using the target light after contracting covid. I suffered with terrible headaches I tried pain medication but nothing seemed to work. I started to use the target light for 5 mins 3 times a day and I can honestly say it really helped to relieve the pain and pressure feeling in my head. I use the light daily especially in the dark mornings. 5 mins of light in my face is the best pick me up and sets me up for the day ahead. I’m so pleased I went for it and placed an order

  22. phillip.davies (verified owner)

    Amazing service from the team. I use the light as part of my morning routine and also for recovery/pain management after strenuous training cycles or minor injuries. I also purchased a light for my parents who have arthritis and they have seen a noticeable change when using for pain relief.

  23. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I have been using the combo for a couple of months now to help with my skin and to help energise me in the morning. I definitely notice a difference in my energy when I use it to help wake me up and I’m starting to notice a difference in my complexion too. I feel it’s tightened my pores as I suffer with mild acne with my cycle.
    Great product, highly recommend

  24. Helen Dufficy (verified owner)

    Very happy with this light which I bought for aches and pains and skin health. First use on my shoulder ache and it had disappeared. Am using it for skin issues with my daughter and finds it aids her skin health. Have used it successfully on my varicose veins which are also improving. A handy and portable device. My lead developed a fault and a replacement was sent within no time. Excellent customer service too. Faultless.

  25. [email protected]

    I purchased the red light combo to help me heal a soft tissue injury on my right foot that was taking a long time to get better. I’ve been using the light for about 3 weeks and have noticed a significant improvement. I’m certain a full recovery is around the corner. I also use the red light on my face for age reversal therapy and on my belly to assist my micro biome. As a digital nomad I love that this device is easy to carry with me where ever I go.

  26. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Ordering process was super easy and I called the company to find out which was the best one for me. I use it every evening before bed, my eyesight is definitely better and I sleep so well after using is. A fantastic product!

  27. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Can’t do without anymore.
    We were looking for a multi use devise, which was also affordable. So we tried the Target Light Combo.
    Me and my partner use it almost daily.
    It is part of my morning routine. I shine it on my eyes to release cortisol and improve eye function. A few minutes on the thyroid gland gives me energy.
    When I have sore muscles or joints, place it directly on the skin.
    My partner used it as part of a treatment for fungus nails.
    Also good for easing menstrual cramps.
    Thinking of buying the half stack now.

  28. tombarny (verified owner)

    Superb bit of kit it really helps with muscle and ligament pain. I have used the target combo light for my tennis elbow and leg recovery from playing sport. Highly recommend.

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