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Do you want rapid recovery from workouts, or aches and pains?  Do you want glowing, younger looking, rejuventated skin?  Do you want more energy throughout the day?  Do you want an enhanced circadium rhythm and deeper sleep cycles?

Through a lot of hard work and research, we have created our own Red Light Therapy device to match the big brands on wavelength accuracy, intensity, and effectiveness, but not on cost!

The Full Stack light is our flagship device which can provide you all these benefits!

A 200 LED system comprising of 660nm (red) and 850nm (near-infrared) precise wavelength light diodes have been carefully chosen for maximum benefit.  Take the healing power of red light to the convenience of your home.

This is our most powerful light therapy device, and one of the most powerful available on the market, shortening required treatment times and allowing full penetration deep into your tissues and muscles with closer application.  We have chosen the specific wavelengths which have the highest proven absorption for your body and skin.


  • 600w, 200 LEDs
  • Wavelengths – 660nm & 850nm
  • Dimension: 120cm x 18cm x 6cm
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Beam angle from LEDs: 30 degrees
  • The size and beam angles allow more coverage of your body!

Light Intensity:

  • Up to 250mW/cm2
  • 100mW/cm2 @ 20cm
  • 20mW/cm2 @ 150cm
  • Optimal intensity recommended is >20-30mW/cm2, up to 100mW/cm2 for deep muscle healing

EMF Readings

  • <5v/m @ 100cm
  • <10v/m @ 50cm
  • <40v/m @ 20cm
  • We have worked hard to ensure these readings are as low as they are


  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Custom Designs:

  • Please note that custom light wavelength options are available, please contact us with any specific requests.  Available wavelengths are listed here, although this is not exclusive, so please reach out with requests: 610nm, 630nm, 660nm, 670nm, 740nm, 760nm, 830nm, 850nm

All orders includes:

  • Wall hanging cables kit
  • Rubber Stoppers for rear hanging hooks
  • Appropriate power cable for your region.


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  • For UK and EU customers, VAT will be added at checkout

9 reviews for The Full Stack Red Light

  1. Alex Facta

    I’ve been using the full stack for a few months now and whilst I was a little skeptical at first, I’ve been very pleased with it. It was recommended to me by more than one health car practitioner and so I decided to take the plunge. I’ve noticed increase in overall energy and mood. It has actually been helping with hair loss. Noticeably reduction in hair drop each day and it may need more time to tell the try effects, I have noticed some regrowth developing. It has also helped a lot with muscle soreness from exercises and alleviated discomfort from a chronic muscle pain I have always suffered from an old accident I had. It has also improved my skin and helped to clear up acne breakouts that I had been getting. I’d happily recommend this to anyone and I think everyone should consider adding this to their daily routine. It’s actually just a generally nice warming sensation to sit in front of every morning 🙂

  2. Quentin Geynet

    Excellent product. Useful for everything, from physical strength to mental strength.

  3. Yianno

    After using my Full Stack every day, both my partner and I have noticed improvements in recovery, energy, sleep and skin health. The Full Stack has been a really great investment and has become a staple in my morning routine. I can’t imaging not waking up to my morning sessions of stretches while enjoying the benefits of photobiomodulation – it’s been an absolute game changer!!

  4. Jeff Taraday, Co-Owner Trussi

    I’ve been using Red Light Rising for just over a month now, and I see a clear difference in my facial skin tone and quality. Whereas I would normally break out at least once a week, I’ve had absolutely no skin issues to speak of, and my face does truly look younger (especially with fewer fine lines around my eyes). I’ve also noticed improved energy and recovery from my workouts so far too… I’m excited to see what happens in the future – I’m definitely a believer and will be using the light religiously!

  5. Helen Julianne

    I didn’t expect this to work so fast if at all, but thought I had nothing to lose by trying. After ten days daily use my knee stiffness from an 8-month-old injury was gone and my 10-year-old whiplash niggle I always got when running was also gone! That was over a month ago. It also got rid of my mum’s arthritic knee pain. I’m using it on my cat now, lol. My aunt who has numbness from a stroke has ordered one too. Such an incredible therapy! It’s a shame the public in general are unaware about it.

  6. Steve M

    The Full Stack has fantastic build quality. It’s not too loud and has great cooling. It feels quite sturdy and gives me confidence it will last a long time, something important on such a high priced ticket item. At first I was skeptical about red light therapy until I searched “photo biomodulation” on pubmed. Then I knew I was going to get a red light therapy device. When shopping around I found Joov was way too overpriced, the Chinese knockoffs on Aliexpress seemed like a risk so there was only a few options left. I really liked RedLightRising because it had decent prices and ticked all the boxes, ie. power output measurements, a mix of red and near-infrared, the right wave lengths and the right lens angles. I bought the Full Stack for skin treatment, reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), improved circadian rhythm, and as a way to improve testosterone levels. After several months of daily use this device has not only delivered on those target improvements but it also helped with areas I hadn’t planned on. For one, When I use the lights in the morning, I find it really wakes me up and reduces the time it takes to fully awaken. I can feel a difference in energy levels and general wellbeing between when I use it and don’t use it in the morning. I’ve also noticed that the floaties in my eyes has reduced slightly. Not only is the device and treatment great but the founders behind the company are really engaged and committed to deliver on the customer satisfaction side of things. They sent me an angled power cord after hearing I had trouble mounting the unit on the wall during a skype call asking for customer feedback (yes, they call their customers to check in!). I ended up ordering a target light as well for isolated sore areas for easier application while on the couch and when I received the wrong power cord adapter for my country, they immediately sent me the correct one the next day. Because the company makes these items to order it can take a little bit to get your device but trust me, it’s worth the wait. I highly recommend.

  7. Camilla Rønhovde

    Truly amazing work you have done. Full stack custom made. Been using bulbs before. But all body coverage is amazing. Shoulder and knee pain very reduced. And my energy is higher. Better sleep. Skin is loving it of course. Everyone should have some sort of Redlight therapy at home. I highly recommend you guys. Thank you so much again! Kind regards Camilla

  8. Shaun M. from @rawform_calisthenics

    When I first heard about red light therapy I was very skeptical and thought it was just another fad. Then I started seeing friends using the lights with results and heard people I look up to in the industry talk about the real time benefits so I decided to give it a go.
    I wanted to use the light to help with a skin irritation I was getting and as a general mood enhancer. After a few weeks I started to notice that damaged skin, cuts and bruises are healing quicker and it’s helped ease the irritation.
    I’m looking forward to using it in winter when there is less sun as I know I’ll see real results then.

    I’d recommend red light therapy to anyone looking to add another dimension to their healing game.

  9. Nick D (verified owner)

    My wife has a progressive condition called ankylosing spondilitis which causes inflamation of joints, tiredness and various other painful symptoms. We suspect our 13 year old daughter is developing the same condition. Having heard about red light treatment from one of my colleagues I decided to take the plunge and bought a full stack. Within a couple of months my daughter’s symptoms all but dissappeared. My wife uses it to compliment her morning stretching routine and has felt a significant improvement. She has not had a repetition of uveitis that typically happens every year Feb-April. Her latest blood test came back showing a huge decrease in inflamation which the letter says is inexplicable given where it was on the last test 6 months or so previously. The reduction in pain has allowed her to avoid starting biological treatment involving a daily injection. Given that it can dramatically reduce your immune system this is a huge bonus during the covid-19 crisis.

    The device itself is sturdy and feels like it will stand the test of time. It is a lot of money to invest but the Full Stack represents great value compared to other products yet also comes with a good repuation so you know you’re getting something that has been thoughtfully designed. To be clear I am a massive skeptic and thought my colleague was crazy when he suggested it but eventually thought it worth a try when I could see my wife’s pain was getting worse. I can not guarantee that the improvements have all happened because of the red light. However, given the timing of the symptoms changing it would be remarkably coincidental if it wasn’t.

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