Target Light 670nm

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The power of light to heal your sight! This red light is great for improving eye health, skin appearance and promotes hair growth, plus more! In as little as 3 minutes a day, you could strengthen your eyes and rejuvenate your appearance! This light contains only 670nm red light.

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After a recent article published in the UK and internationally, confirming that red light therapy in the 670nm wavelength was very beneficial for eye health. (Read the article here), we were overwhelmed in requests for a 670nm device.


Not only is the Target Light 670nm ideal for improving eye health, but many other studies have shown that Deep Red/ 670nm light can have tremendous benefits on other aspects of health, including

- Younger looking skin
- Improvement in brain health and reducing brain deterioration
- Improved mitochondrial function in eyes
- Reduction in negative side effects related to diabetes
- Repairing damaged brain neurons
- Increased healing after eye injury
- Improved energy, mobility, cognition and lifespan.
- Enhanced circadian rhythm and deeper sleep cycles?

Read the full article with references HERE

A small but powerful red light therapy device, made with specifically chosen wavelengths for maximum mitochondrial stimulation and energy.

This unit is perfect for using as a red light facial, or more specific treatment to areas requiring the healing powers of deep red light, whether it is injury, rapid repair or reducing fine lines!

Very portable, this unit is the perfect travel companion when you are on the road, whether for business or pleasure.  The unit comes with a bulb holder and power cable with appropriate socket for your country of residence.


  • Power: 24w
  • Wavelengths: 670nm only
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 14cm
  • Fits any E26 and E27 screw lamp
  • Beam angle: 60 degrees
  • Lamp material: Aluminium
  • Completely silent


  • Up to 200mW/cm2 @ 0cm
  • 20mW/cm” @ 60cm


  • 2 years
  • or 50,000 hours use

Target Light comes with an appropriate power socket for your country of residence.  Please message us if you have any special requests.


  • Shipping costs are included when you spend over £100, otherwise there will be a shipping cost.

7 reviews for Target Light 670nm

  1. lauraangladagomez

    I LOVE my light! Not only I can feel it on my skin, but also I sleep better and my mood has improved 🙂 I just bought the Half Stack too and my boyfriend and I are using it for muscle recovery. Love both products!!! Can’t recommend them enough!

  2. AnthonyP (verified owner)

    I’ve been trying this on my eyes for a couple of minutes in the morning each day the past few weeks and find it helps wakes me up (definitely needed given the weather we’ve had recently), makes my eyes feel stronger and seems to be doing good for my skin! I’m also starting to shine it on my forehead to see if it can help with a receding hairline – too early to tell if it works for that but fingers crossed! Overall I think I will stick with this for a while!

  3. Livia Benkova (verified owner)

    This light is nice for using in the morning to wake me up and I also have much better mood after using it. It is also good home source of sunshine in dark days in autumn. I use it just few weeks so I cant see benefits for skin yet but I love how it’s changing my mood imidiatelly after using and it’s also improving sleep. I try to cure saggy skin on my belly after pregnancy and improve face skin. My housband use it on scalp for hair grow. So we’ll see in time if it helps for us. Anyway I recommend item. And I’d like to know, what is flikr effect for these small device?

  4. Livia Benkova (verified owner)

    Update: my skin changed so dramatically that I would give 100 stars if I could ❤ it is amazing, my skin is smooth, pores are smaller and texture is nice. It is pumped and hydrated like it was maybe 15 years ago. I really recommend this device as beauty product, price is great and doing much more than any expensive cosmetics. Service is also great, red light rising team is very helpfull and I apreciate they paying taxes for shipping to europe

  5. stargazer (verified owner)

    Don’t let the size fool you because this is a very powerful little light! I bought it mainly to help out with some skin issues, also for enhancing sleep and supporting my eyesight. I have to say, after 2.5 months of using it daily I have witnessed improvements in all these areas. My skin texture looks better and the hormonal breakouts I’ve been battling with for a year now (due to quitting contraceptive medication) are finally under control which is just amazing. My eyesight is definitely stronger because I was never able to go out on a sunny day without wearing sunglasses and now it’s no longer an issue. And lastly, getting some red light on my back before sleep has been great for making me fall asleep faster and enhancing sleep quality. I love my target light and couldn’t recommend it enough!

  6. [email protected]

    I have both target lights and this one is my absolute fav for skin rejuvenation. I always notice an immediate difference in my skin after using it. I have also noticed wounds heal much much faster with this light. For example facial treatments, cuts/scratches even cracked heels.
    The customer service from these guys is top quality I would give 10 stars if I could. I had queries when I initially purchased my light and the owner dealt with me personally when I needed extra information. The shipping was super fast the product is top quality. Much love from Australia. I would totally recommend this company.

  7. heidicameron

    I received the target light as an early Christmas present. I requested it as an anti-aging device. It’s too soon to say if it helps reduce lines but I find it really relaxing, it gives me a kind of glow which makes me feel and look better, plus it means I can sit down and relax and have a few minutes of me-time. I love it!

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