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ALL WinterProof Power Pack Ultra’s will ship with a NEW Half Stack 2.0 .

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The Half Stack 2.0


Do you want rapid recovery from workouts, or aches and pains?  Do you want glowing, younger looking, rejuvenated skin?  Do you want more energy throughout the day?  Do you want an enhanced circadian rhythm and deeper sleep cycles?

Through a lot of hard work and research, we are happy to offer you The Half Stack 2.0 , one of the most popular and powerful red light therapy devices in its class, on the planet!

The Half Stack 2.0 has had minor technology upgrades all round PLUS a brand new look! All for the same cost of the original device!

A 100 LED system comprising of 660nm (red) and 850nm (near-infrared) precise wavelength light diodes have been carefully chosen for maximum benefit.  Take the healing power of red light to the convenience of your home.

powerful light therapy device with a 60 degree beam angle allowing greater skin coverage, shortening required treatment times and allowing full penetration deep into your tissues and muscles with closer application.  We have chosen the specific wavelengths which have the highest proven absorption for your body and skin.

Blue Blocking Eyewear


DayPRO – Designed to be worn during the afternoon to protect you from excessive junk light, or help align your circadian rhythm while travelling through different time zones.  These lens can help protect you from eye strain, headaches, anxiety and a number of conditions caused from excessive blue light.  Junk light environments can be found through poor lighting at home, the office, conference facilities, gyms, plus from the technology you use like mobile phones, PCs, TVs, tablets, etc…

These lens block 95% of all blue light in the  400-450nm spectrum.  Our primal ancestors would still expect to see some blue light during the afternoons, so we chose to allow a small amount of this light through the lens to work in collaboration with your circadian rhythm and align to the natural light cycles.

NightPRO – Designed to be worn in the 2-3 hours before bed to optimise your hormones for sleep and recovery with immediate results.  Get your best night sleep and maximise your sleep, recovery, and performance.

These lens block 100% of all blue and green light in the 400-550nm spectrum, which clinical trials show to negatively disrupt melatonin production.  Protect your sleep and recovery while still allowing you to relax while watching Netflix or looking at your mobile phone.

Why Titanium?  This material is known for its strength, malleability, flexibility and resistance to corrosion.  It has found many aerospace, military, automotive and electronics applications for this reason. These properties make it an ideal material for creating a premium and luxury, but durable glasses frames. It is incredibly lightweight and comfortable,  you will barely feel the glasses resting on your nose.  At 20X more corrosion resistant than other metal derivative frames, these are designed to outlast the competition.

Why Stainless Steel?  The frames are incredibly lightweight, durable and strong, plus are hypoallergenic.  This material is known for its reliability, strength, and resistance to corrosion.  Don’t compromise on quality.  Look your best with our Hypnos aviators.

Why Acetate?  These stylish frames are known for their strength, style, flexibility and comfort.  The tough fibers and structure of acetate are strong and resistant, meaning these frames are designed to be worn for many years.

Why Nylon Lens?  These lens are a newer technology that combines the impact resistance of Poly-carbonate and the clarity of CR-39.  They are incredibly light, the best for shock absorbing, and are considered the best option for high performance.  This is the lens choice for top end glasses and sunglasses.  This premium lens option is a more expensive material, which is reflected in performance.

Which Lens?  All our lens are 3rd party tested in a laboratory environment by the Light Industry Association, guaranteeing the quality of our premium eye-wear.  We have 100% confidence in the performance of our lens and all testing results are available.

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Red Light

The Half Stack Red Light

Eyewear One

Nyx – God Of Night – DayPro, Hypnos – God Of Sleep – DayPro, Morpheus – God Of Dreams – DayPro, Nyx – God Of Night – NightPro, Hypnos – God Of Sleep – NightPro, Morpheus – God Of Dreams – NightPro

Eyewear Two

Nyx – God Of Night – DayPro, Hypnos – God Of Sleep – DayPro, Morpheus – God Of Dreams – DayPro, Nyx – God Of Night – NightPro, Hypnos – God Of Sleep – NightPro, Morpheus – God Of Dreams – NightPro