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The Project Red Podcast is all about optimising our health and happiness by aligning our lifestyles to our natural rhythms while having a little fun along the way.

Welcome to our first ever episode. We are so excited to introduce this new podcast to you all.

Project Red Podcast EP#1 | Our Origin Story | With James Strong and Bryan Gohl

We chat to Rob Tynan – Founder of Ultimate Bodytec and the travel company Fitness Adventure Travel.

Project Red Podcast EP#2 | Rob Tynan

Bart has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy, and three Master’s degrees in Clinical Health Science, Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science and Technology. After starting out as a blogger in 2018, Bart sold his business and has now moved on to functional medicine consulting.

Project Red Podcast EP#3 | Bart Wolbers

Ximena is a IICT Certified Nutritional Therapist, biohacker and proponent of the real food + intuitive low carb, carnivore and primal lifestyle, which she applied to reverse her 20 years of PCOS. Through her protocols she has helped hundreds of people optimise their DNA, metabolism, hormones, fertility, blood sugar and weight.

Project Red Podcast EP#4 | Ximena De La Serna

In this episode our Founders Bryan and James discuss the differences and benefits of the BRAND NEW Advantage Series red light therapy devices from Red Light Rising. The new lights are the most powerful on the market and the light intensity is second to none.

Project Red Podcast EP#5 | Q&A | The Advantage Series

James and Bryan take some time to share some of the scientifically researched benefits of red light therapy for performance and recovery, skin health, sleep, inflammation and best of all immunity! Check out the BRAND NEW Advantage Series red light therapy devices from Red Light Rising.

Project Red Podcast EP#6 | Let’s Talk BENEFITS

Our Products

Our Origin Series is perfect for the home or office, while the Advantage Series is aimed at elite sport and athletes.

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