Become a better footballer

simply by turning on a light…

In as little as 5 minutes per day, you could run faster, jump higher, kick harder and break more tackles!

Doing more squats, running more sprints, eating a cleaner diet is not going to work.

To become the best footballer you’re capable of becoming you need to be able to perform your best in every moment on the pitch.

Getting to the ball second, not jumping high enough, not breaking out of a tackle… this is not acceptable.

The best players in the game are doing things most players have not even heard of!

One of those things is red light therapy.

The fact that you may not have heard about it yet, is not your fault!

It has been a tightly guarded secret among the elite athletes…until now!

Watch this video to find out how you can become the best footballer you are capable of being!

In this video you will learn exactly how to use red light therapy to boost your performance.

When you use this powerful red and infrared light, you will be giving your muscles and tendons extra energy allowing them to perform at levels normally unreachable!

Your muscles and tendons need energy to perform. The more energy they have, the better they can perform.

The Half Stack gives you the energy to perform at your peak!

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Many athletes just like you are already enjoying improved performance on the pitch thanks to red light therapy. 

You can get these game changing benefits too! 

Check out these testimonials from people that were just like you!


“VERY happy with my light!! Normally my Achilles hurt on the very first jump during beach volleyball, but last week it took about 75 mins until they began to ache… that was only after 3 1/2 days of twice a day treatment, 5-10 mins for each leg, plus the calf.”


Robert Gronbeck


“I use it for injury mitigation and fast recovery. I have only positive results and it serves me amazing. I hope it will remain so and I recommend it to anyone in need of special treatment on any part of their body! Super product!”.


Jernej Leskovar


“I’m a runner and bought a Target Light to aid in muscle recovery. I run almost every day and using the light after every run on problem areas really seems to speed up the recovery process.
Their customer service is top notch too, I highly recommend it!”.




“Since using my light I have noticed such a difference that I’m actually blown away,  I’ve found that I recover much more quickly from workouts, and don’t really get much muscle soreness anymore.  I love this product!”.


Gemma Tribick


“This light is amazing. With a couple of sessions it has helped with pain related to playing tennis: knee and both feet. Much better than the electric impulse device I have”.


Millie Alicea 


“Great products!! I already got the half stack red and infrared light, . I noticed the quick recovery from my workouts,Red & infrared light therapy helps me relax and sleep much better (deeper and no more interrupted sleep).


Rocio Reyes


“FULL 5 star. I’m a strength and conditioning coach for amaetur and professional athletes and work with the general population too. The results have been amazing within just 5 days, My HRV has drastically increased. My resting HR is at an all time low. It has enhanced my deep and rem sleep and I’m experiencing little to no DOMS after a brutal training session. Even after two a day training sessions. I have been tracking my red light progress on WHOOP. It’s also been amazing for my shoulders as my shoulders used to nag me and having had surgery on one of them has really helped with pain and inflammation. Will never go without the redlight now!”.


Iraj Massoumian-Montaño


“Me & my wife have been using Red Light Rising for a few months now. We were initially interested in red light therapy for quicker & improved recovery from training. Really loving the results!”.


Michael Dean


” I didn’t expect this to work so fast if at all, but thought I had nothing to lose by trying. After ten days of daily use my knee stiffness from an 8-month-old injury was gone and my 10-year-old whiplash niggle I always got when running was also gone! That was over a month ago. It also got rid of my mum’s arthritic knee pain. I’m using it on my cat now, lol. My aunt who has numbness from a stroke has ordered one too. Such an incredible therapy! It’s a shame the public in general are unaware about it”.


Helen Elizabeth Julianne

On game day, every second counts.

Don’t waste another second not playing at your best!

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Increase your performance immediately with the Half Stack.


The Half Stack is the perfect light for athletes to raise their level of performance in as little as 5 minutes per day.


Just use the light everyday before and after training and games and you will get immediate results.


The light is 50cm tall and 20cm wide allowing it to cover even the biggest quads entirely in every session.

Become a better football player now, it’s all up to you!

* The Half Stack must be returned in its original packaging and be in resalable condition to be determined at Red Light Rising’s discretion, once received at the warehouse.