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Red Light Therapy

Red Light



Red Light Therapy

Proven to Improve Health, Performance, Recovery and much more.

    positive review  Fantastic product, works great, easy set up, quality is always worth the money.

    thumb Douglas Clark

    positive review  Great products!! I really recommend their red light therapy devices and blue-blocking glasses. I already got the half stack red and infrared light, the premium blue-blocking eyewear for late afternoon and night before bed, and the red light target 670 nm. I noticed the improvement in my eyes health, the quick recovery from my workouts, and pain in my lower back and heels. Red & infrared light therapy helps me relax and sleep much better (deeper and no more interrupted sleep). The eyewear is definitely helping me during my long journey working at the office by protecting my eyes from the excessive computer and screens all-day use (no more eyestrain). I also use the blue-blocking glasses while I'm having dinner watching movies and when I check my iPhone before sleep. Also, if I have to drive at night, I use the glasses as night driving glasses (no more glare).

    thumb Rocío Reyes

    positive review  I use a light often to help with my aches and pains !!

    thumb Duncan Gohl



Don’t take our word for it. We love our customers to research Red Light Therapy on Google themselves. You can also read more about the benefits of Red Light Therapy on our blog here.



Are you ready to invest in Red Light Therapy and support your optimal immune function?

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We are wellness warriors and biohackers ourselves. We use Red Light Therapy alongside lots of other biohacks we love to talk about. Read our stories and follow us on Instagram to find out how we got started on this amazing journey of Biohacking.

Red light therapy helps in Covid-19 case

In today’s blog we are sharing with you some amazing results that show how Red Light therapy helps in a Covid-19 case. Introduction Inflammation vs Covid-19 Patient & treatment Results A few weeks ago, The Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy published an...

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Real Blue light glasses   In this blog we are going to cover some basics for you to understand how blue light glasses work. Blue light blocking glasses DO work. Clear lenses vs. tinted lenses Real Blue light glasses Conclusion Blue light glasses WORK.  ...

What is red light therapy?

Red Light Therapy or RLT, is a form of light therapy that helps heal skin, muscle tissue, joints as well as other parts of the body.

Red Light Therapy shines light on Covid-19

Could Red light Therapy become an effective treatment for Covid-19 patients? Today we are sharing another promising case study conducted last summer. Introduction Results Conclusion   As researchers around the world slowly start to understand how Covid-19 affects...

Do Blue light Glasses need tinted frames?

Discover the truth about blue light glasses   In this blog we are going to cover why blue light glasses need tinted frames. If you still haven’t, go first check out Do Blue Light glasses work? And Why use Blue light glasses? To have a better understanding of what...

Test your Blue light Glasses?

Do my blue light glasses work?   If you haven’t checked yet, read Do Blue Light glasses work? If you already know how real blue blocking glasses work, you can test your blue light glasses below.   Test your night glasses. Test your day glasses. Conclusion....

Most Advanced Blue light Glasses?

Our Premium Eyewear Range   If you haven’t checked yet, read Most effective Blue Light glasses [with Proof] and learn about the most advanced blue light glasses. In today’s article we are going to dive a little deeper into our Blue light blocking range. The NYX...

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