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Red Light Therapy

Red Light



Red Light Therapy

Proven to Improve Health, Performance, Recovery and much more.

    positive review  Estoy feliz porque hoy recibí mi lámpara, ¡ya les contaré mi experiencia desde México!

    thumb Karen Rvd

    positive review  Thank you for the panel which was quick and easy to install with the door hanger. (Though I need to do a little DIY to put it in a more convenient position on a wall. After just three sessions on use the stiff neck I'd been suffering was cured and I can now twist round to see traffic overtaking me on my bike. Also appreciate your attention to the detail of emf emissions which give a negligible reading on my Cornet meter. I look forward to the next purchase.

    thumb John Crocker

    positive review  I am more than happy with my investment and trust in the Red Light Rising company products. It follows me everywhere, I use it everyday, and it has been a game changer ever since. I feel more efficient, better recovery, net improvement in my skin health and much less overall body inflammation. Great product, for a great company.

    thumb Arno Savall



Don’t take our word for it. We love our customers to research Red Light Therapy on Google themselves. You can also read more about the benefits of Red Light Therapy on our blog here.



Are you ready to invest in Red Light Therapy and support your optimal immune function?

The Founders

Meet Us

We are wellness warriors and biohackers ourselves. We use Red Light Therapy alongside lots of other biohacks we love to talk about. Read our stories and follow us on Instagram to find out how we got started on this amazing journey of Biohacking.

Red Light Therapy for Fat Loss

RLT helps you lose fat faster   In today’s blog we are going to cover the relationship between Red Light Therapy and Weight loss. Your ability to burn fat The role of light in fat loss RLT and fat loss Conclusion   Your ability to burn fat   Environment...

Red Light Therapy after Surgery?

How RLT can help you heal faster   In this blog we are going to talk about the ways Red Light Therapy can help during a surgical procedure.   Surgery statistics RLT before surgery RLT after surgery Studies on wound healing Conclusion   Surgery...

Red Light Therapy for Aches and Pains

Reduce aches and alleviates pains   In today’s blog we are going to talk about the relationship between Red Light Therapy and aches and pains.   Types of pain Red Light Therapy for Aches and Pains Successful studies and applications Conclusion   Types...

How does Red light therapy work?

The basics you need to know   Today we are going to share with you the answer to a very common question: How does red light therapy work? Below you will find:   The science behind Red Light Therapy (RLT) What does RLT feel like? How often should I use RLT?...

Red Light Therapy at HOME?

The best home user devices   In this blog we are going to share with you the best devices to enjoy Red light therapy at home.   How does red light therapy work? Use Red Light Therapy at home The best devices for home users How do I use the light? Conclusion...

Why use Blue light glasses?

Our environment is changing but our bodies are not   In today’s blog we are going to cover some basics and explain why it is so important to use blue light glasses. What is Blue light? How does Blue light affect your body? How can Blue light glasses help?...

Do Blue Light glasses work?

Real Blue light glasses   In this blog we are going to cover some basics for you to understand how blue light glasses work. Blue light blocking glasses DO work. Clear lenses vs. tinted lenses Real Blue light glasses Conclusion Blue light glasses WORK.  ...

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