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Part of our mission is to spread the news about the amazing benefits of red light therapy and blue blocking glasses.

With dozens of informative videos, benefits, unboxings and more, you will find everything you need to introduce red light & blue light blockers to your life.

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Find the latest articles and studies in our blog.

We are always reading and staying up to date with the latest studies supporting red light therapy practices.

We also share the many ways you can implement red light therapy and blue light blocking glasses in your daily life.

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About Us

Created by biohackers, James Strong and Bryan Gohl – both passionate about helping you optimise your health and reach your highest potential

Times have been interviewed and guests in podcasts all over the world.

Red light therapy devices and Blue light glasses sold in all continents.

Years of combined experience in the biohacking and wellbeing worlds.


  • positive review  It hasn’t performed any healing miracles of course, but I can say that for me it was worth the purchase! I use the target light, and I can say that it has helped my eyebrows grow thicker and my skin looks slightly better. Just remember that you have to use it regularly to see any results. I use it every day for 25 minutes.

    thumb Layken Bovaird
  • positive review  I didn't expect this to work so fast if at all, but thought I had nothing to lose by trying. After ten days daily use my knee stiffness from an 8-month-old injury was gone and my 10-year-old whiplash niggle I always got when running was also gone! That was over a month ago. It also got rid of my mum's arthritic knee pain. I'm using it on my cat now, lol. My aunt who has numbness from a stroke has ordered one too. Such an incredible therapy! It's a shame the public in general are unaware about it.

    thumb Helen Elizabeth Julianne
  • positive review  Thank you for the panel which was quick and easy to install with the door hanger. (Though I need to do a little DIY to put it in a more convenient position on a wall. After just three sessions on use the stiff neck I'd been suffering was cured and I can now twist round to see traffic overtaking me on my bike. Also appreciate your attention to the detail of emf emissions which give a negligible reading on my Cornet meter. I look forward to the next purchase.

    thumb John Crocker
  • positive review  Love my Target Light. It’s the first thing that I use in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee. Helps me to start the day in a good mood. It’s the last thing I use before going to bed as well, to calm down. I‘d it has helped my thyroid going back to functioning normally, but as I’ve supported my thyroid in many ways I can’t pinpoint to what did the job. Probably all of it together.

    thumb Miriam Hoffbauer

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