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In this blog, we will talk about stem cells and red light therapy. 

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of the study
  • Applications and Benefits
  • Conclusion




This past 3rd of March 2022 the Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery Issue published an incredible study that analysed the effects of direct Red Light Therapy exposure to human bone marrow.


Circulating stem cells (stem cells are made in your bone marrow) have received increasing attention in recent years due to their potential role in regenerative medicine, this being the main motive why the study was performed.


The results were very positive, concluding that red light therapy increases the concentration of circulating stem cells and macrophages.


Let’s see how the study was performed.


The study shows how only 10 min of red light therapy directed onto your shin bones, can increase stem cells, macrophages and other cells circulating in the blood for 2-4 days afterwards.



Presentation of the study


The study was conducted on 15 volunteers. 

Red Light Therapy (NIR light) was applied to both tibias of each volunteer for 10 minutes. 

The concentration of various cells in the circulating blood was followed by comparing blood samples relative to their baseline levels prior to the application of red light therapy. 



Study Results: Red light therapy caused a significant increase in the concentration of stem cells in the circulating blood from 3.0% to 10.1% of the total mononucleated cells, commencing at about 2 h post-RLT. 


The levels of stem cells peaked at 2-4 days post-RLT and then gradually returned to baseline levels. 


Macrophages in the circulating blood were also significantly elevated following RLT from 6.0% to 7.9% of the total mononucleated cells. 


Study Conclusions: The application of RLT in humans can significantly increase the concentration of stem cells and macrophages in the circulating blood. 


These cells may consequently home in on the impaired target organs and improve their function, as has been previously shown in experimental animal models. Furthermore, the results may also have clinical relevance with respect to the enrichment of circulating blood in cells that may be consequently isolated for cell therapy.


Applications and Benefits


Stem cells contain natural growth factors, which means they help accelerate the body’s healing response. 

It also helps lower the pain caused by a disease or injury sustained without having to use pain-killing medications.


Some of the most common benefits of stem cells:

  • It reduces pain effectively.
  • It enhances and reduces post-procedural recovery.
  • It increases functionality, range of motion and flexibility.
  • It helps in avoiding surgery and also its risks and complications.
  • It’s a potential way to reverse an injury.
  • It prevents nerve damage.

Just to mention a few.



To conclude this blog, we just want to highlight the amazing potential that red light therapy studies are showing study after study.

If you are struggling with pain, an injury, and other problems, stem cells can definitely help your body heal them faster and with no risks. Knowing that RLT helps the body release these types of cells into the bloodstream, is definitely something to take advantage of.


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Source of information:

  • Photobiomodulation Therapy to Autologous Bone Marrow in Humans Significantly Increases the Concentration of Circulating Stem Cells and Macrophages: A Pilot Study




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