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In this blog, we will talk about the side effects of red light therapy. Does it have any?

  • Introduction
  • Is red light therapy safe?
  • Other things to know about red light therapy.
  • Conclusion



If you have just heard about red light therapy, you are probably wondering if it has any sort of side effects or risks that you should know about.


It is totally normal to have these questions, and that is the reason we have written this blog. 


Let’s dive into it!


Is Red Light Therapy Safe?


Red light therapy is known to be one of the safest forms of treatment and is not associated with any negative side effects if used as directed. 


This type of light therapy is not toxic, not invasive and it doesn’t involve any medication that could alter the correct functioning of your body. 


If you are worried about your skin or getting burned, red light therapy does not use the ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or tanning booths. This means your skin won’t get burned and will stay healthy and safe.


If you are worried about your eyes, you should know that red light therapy is actually really good for them! 


Download the guide and learn which type of light and which protocol you should follow to improve your sight.


download guide


Lastly, there are minor reactions that you can encounter after doing red light therapy. These are:


  • You might experience temporary tightness or redness if you have very sensitive skin, or maybe a tingling sensation. If you give it a few minutes, your body will adjust and go back to normal.
  • You might also experience altered colour perception due to the intensity of the light but there is nothing to worry about. After a few minutes, your eyes will adjust to the environment.
  • If either of the above persists for too long after the first few treatments, simply increase the distance you are standing from the light and/or decrease the exposure time.


*Always make sure you know which kind of light you are using and that you are following the correct guidelines. 


Our guidelines are specific to our products and should not be followed when using any light other than a Red Light Rising light.


side effects of red light therapy


Other things to know about red light therapy


Below you have a list of some questions you might be interested in:


  • How many treatments will I need? 


You’ll likely need ongoing treatments. Especially at the beginning.

RLT can work instantly in cases of pain, muscle recovery, and others, but the majority of cases need consistent light exposure.


  • Will I achieve the desired results? 


Everyone’s body and well-being level are different, so results can vary. Most people should experience results after 30 days of daily exposure.


  • How to trust the red light therapy device quality? 


We would advise you to search for not only good testimonials, but also 3rd party tested devices. At Red Light Rising we test our devices at an independent laboratory to make sure they are safe and work.


  • Is red light therapy an appropriate treatment for my condition? 


Most likely it is, as red light therapy works on a cellular level, but if you are not sure about your particular case, you can book a free call with one of our founders to find out.


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  • I am sensitive to light or have got my thyroid removed, will this help me?


If you are light sensitive we recommend you start very slow otherwise your body will be overwhelmed. Put the light 1m from you and start with short treatments. Slowly, and at your own pace, you can reduce distance and increase time.


Finally, if you are suffering from a specific illness/condition or undergoing any medical treatments, always check with your doctor before starting the treatment.




To conclude the blog, as you can see, red light therapy is perfectly safe and will not cause any side effects in the vast majority of people. The benefits are just too great not to consider giving it a try.


If after 60 days of daily exposure you are not satisfied with the product, you get your money back, GUARANTEED.


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