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In this blog, we will talk about some of the most common assumptions about red light therapy.

  • Introduction
  • Assumption #1: It is not scientifically proven 
  • Assumption #2: You need glasses to protect your eyes
  • Assumption #3: One session will fix everything
  • Conclusion



If you are new to red light therapy, you have probably heard a lot of rumours and have encountered plenty of scepticism about it. In this blog, we are going to tackle the 3 most common misconceptions.


Assumption #1: It is not scientifically proven


This is the most common assumption people make. The truth is there are thousands of studies and clinical trials that show incredible results and benefits using red light therapy. (Sometimes called ‘photobiomodulation’)


Every single blog we publish talking about applications or benefits has all the studies and sources of information mentioned at the bottom. (e.g.


If you want to do your own research, you just have to go to the NIH website and search for the published papers. There are about 5000 studies published to this date.


All the distances and times that we suggest in our FREE GUIDES come from successful studies on the specific subject. That is the reason why we update our guides every year.

More research happens, and more information becomes available.


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Assumption #2: You need glasses to protect your eyes


This is one of the most common questions you may be wondering. The truth is that red light therapy is perfectly safe for the eyes. If you have one of our devices, your eyes will be fine and, in fact, they will benefit from light exposure.


If you are looking to treat your eyes and improve your eyesight, we have a specific light for that purpose, the Target Light 670. You can check out how to treat your eyes in these blogs: or


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Finally, we want to mention that laser red light therapy that works with very powerful beams of light can be damaging for the eyes. Our devices do not use lasers and have perfectly safe wavelengths of light.


Assumption #3: One session will fix everything


A lot of people tend to think that red light therapy sessions show immediate results. Although this may be true in some cases like pain relief and muscle recovery, most conditions require consistent treatments.


The cells of your body need time to heal and recover and one single session of red light therapy will not be enough to undo the damage. We always recommend one month of daily exposure before you give up on the treatment.


One of our dearest customers, Greg, committed to daily treatments and on day 27, he finally got the results he was looking for. Check out his story here.




To conclude, as with anything in life, do not believe everything you hear. We encourage you to do your own research about red light therapy and try it out yourself. If after one month of daily exposure you do not see any improvement, you get your money back, guaranteed.


Find out which light is best for you and start your red light therapy with us.


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