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In this blog, we will talk about some of the most common reasons people don’t get noticeable results after at least 30 days of red light therapy.


  • Introduction
  • Reason #1: Incorrect Distance 
  • Reason #2: Incorrect Duration
  • Reason #3: Consistency 
  • Conclusion




You want to make the most out of your light, and we want to make sure you do. 


That is the reason why we are sharing with you the 3 most common causes of lack of results/improvement, within a month of use.


They are all very basic, but that is the reason why you need to get them right.


Reason #1: Incorrect Distance


When using your red light therapy device, you want to make sure you are actually penetrating the right area of the body.


If you want to treat your muscles or organs, you are not going to see results shining the light at an arm’s length distance.


In the same way, if you want to treat your skin, you are not going to see the right results by shining the light practically touching the skin.


You have to keep in mind this basic rule:


  • The deeper into the body you want to reach (muscles, tendons, organs…), the closer the light should be. (and always with NIR light on)
  • The more superficial on the body the area you want to reach (skin, eyes, hair…), the further the light should be. (and you are ok using red light only)



If after reading this, you still have doubts. You can always take a look at our free guides. In them, you will find all the distances specified.


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Reason #2: Incorrect Timing


Doing a 1-minute session once a week is like going for a 5 min run once a week while trying to lose weight.

Is not going to make much difference.


Doing a 45 minutes session every day is like smashing yourself for 3h at the gym every day.

Very stressful for the body and counterproductive.


The majority of times, red light therapy sessions need not exceed 20 minutes


Around 3 to 5 minutes per area is usually enough, the more powerful the light, the less time is needed.


Exceeding 20 mins is not harmful, but overexposure will blunt the benefits.


Our timings for treatments apply only to Red Light Rising products.


Our free guides have been written following the results that the 3rd party testing lab (The Light Industry Association) showed for our devices. 


Lack of Results with Red Light Therapy


Reason #3: Consistency 



The most important reason. 

You have to be consistent…, especially at the beginning.


To see results, particularly with chronic conditions, it takes time for the cells to adapt and for the benefits to show.


But the great advantage of buying your own device is that you can do red light therapy daily at home. No extra cost. You just pay once and can do as many treatments as you want. – Unlike centres or medical facilities – that charge you every single time. –


If you are not using your light at least 3-5 days a week, you may be delaying the results. 


As with anything in life, being consistent is the key to getting results.




As you can see, getting the basics right, is what’s going to give you the results you want.


If you have followed all our guidelines and you are still not seeing any improvement, please arrange a free consultation with one of our founders to explore your personal case.


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