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In this blog, we will talk about 3 myths about red light therapy that are not true. 


  • Introduction
  • Myth #1: It’s bad for the eyes
  • Myth #2: It burns the skin
  • Myth #3: It costs a fortune
  • Conclusion




You probably have heard a lot of myths around possible side effects of red light therapy and other matters… Today we are going to clear out 3 very common myths, and why you should not worry about them.


The biggest myths are:

#1 Red light therapy is bad for your eyes

#2 Red light therapy burns your skin

#3 Red light therapy costs a fortune


Let’s dive into them!



Myth #1: It’s bad for your eyes


You are probably wondering if you need protection for your eyes while using your red light therapy device, or maybe you think it will harm your eyes and leave you blind forever… Well, we have good news for you, none of these scenarios will happen while using our lights.


Our lights contain the optimal therapeutic wavelengths of light, which are 660 and 850 nm. These frequencies in LED format, and at the powers that we are working with, do not require protection. The light is bright, which is undeniable, so it can be uncomfortable to stare at it. Unless you are specifically treating your eyes, following our guidelines*, you are perfectly fine closing your eyes or glancing past the light. 


Regarding the second matter, no, our light will not harm your eyes if you stare at them for the duration of the session. Your eyes will probably see everything blue-greenish afterward, but after a couple of minutes, they will readjust. If you were using a laser beam, which has a lot more power, then you should be concerned about your eyes, but using our devices, you are perfectly fine.


*To treat your eyes with red light therapy, you want to make sure the NIR light button is switched off, and you are only using red light. You also want to do your treatment around 8-9 am, for 3 minutes, and place the light at arm’s length distance.


If you don’t have our guide, you can download it here.


download guide


Myth #2: It burns your skin


Our devices do not contain UV light. This is the type of light that the sun naturally emits, and that has the characteristic of burning your skin if you are exposed to it for long periods, with no protection.


All our devices contain red light and near-infrared light ONLY. This means you will not get burned or sweat. You will only feel a warm sensation and, after a while, heat building up.


Do not worry, you don’t need sunscreen or any other type of skin protection. In fact, you should never wear any creams on your skin while doing your treatment because it will block part of the light, and you will not get all the benefits and penetration.





Myth #3: It costs a fortune


Some people think that owning a red light therapy device must be expensive.

Sure, there are some situations where a red light device may be considered expensive for some people.


But to paraphrase an old saying: “Pay for the red light now, or pay the doctor later”


The truth is, that for many of our clients, red light therapy has been life-changing!


We have clients that have got complete pain relief after decades of suffering in only a few short weeks.


We have another client who was contemplating suicide until she began using our Target Light and completely changed her life and got back on track.


Insomniacs that spent 10 years not sleeping are now sleeping like babies.


Long covid sufferers that feel like they are their old selves again thanks to our Advantage 1500 lights.


For all these people, red light therapy is cheap considering the quality of life they are now experiencing. 




Firstly, your eyes are safe if you are using any of our devices. Just make sure you follow our guidelines to treat them, and glance past the light or close your eyes if it’s too bright.


Secondly, your skin will not get burnt. Our lights do not contain UV light.


Finally, it won’t cost you a fortune. The quality of life it can restore for you and the medical bills it can save make this at-home therapy as cheap as chips.


Buy your light today and start getting those benefits immediately!


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