Why Should I Go?


In this blog we are going to talk about the benefits of attending the Health Optimisation Summit 2022.


  • Introduction
  • 6 Reasons To Attend
  • Speakers You Can Learn From
  • Conclusion




Two years ago, in 2019, the first Health Optimisation Summit was held in London and our recently founded company, Red Light Rising, decided to be present, not knowing how incredible the event was going to be. 


Amazing talks, world renowned doctors and experts sharing their knowledge, plenty of like minded people to meet and build friendships with…


Unfortunately, for reasons we are all well aware of, 2020 and 2021 were years where public events could not happen… but this year The Health Optimisation Summit is coming back with the best companies and speakers you could ask for, and we are going to join them!



6 Reasons To Attend


  • Community

Meet people and build friendships with individuals that share the same interests and goals you share. No need to explain yourself or justify your choices anymore, they understand your reasons and respect them.


  • Knowledge & Science

Attend amazing lectures and learn the new science supporting health and longevity.

You will see world-leading health speakers, scientists, authors, podcasters, influencers and meet the faces behind the brands you follow.


  • Personal Development

Learn from others experiences and failures and level up your mindset and routine with new hacks, secrets and trends that work.


  • Brand New Tech

Discover the latest gadgets and technology to optimise your health and increase your productivity.


  • Health

Find out which are the healthiest and cleanest supplements and foods that will boost your energy levels,

reduce inflammation and add quality years to your life.


  • You can meet our team

Last, but not least, you will meet our team, find the answers to all the questions you have, and get EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS & FREE merch with any purchase you make during the event!


  • BONUS reason

If you are already going to join us at the Health Optimisation Summit, you are eligible for an exclusive discount on blue blockers.
– Save 20% on All blue blockers
– Pay NO shipping and get FREE merchandising.
Collection only at the Red Light Rising stand at the event.
Use code: HOS22BBRLR at the checkout when buying your blockers before the 22nd of May 2022.

You can’t really ask for more in just one weekend…



Speakers You Can Learn From


These are some of the speakers you will be hearing from this year:

  • Ben Greenfield – Human Performance Consultant, Author.
  • Dr. Jolene Brighten – Naturopathic Endocrinologist, Author. Brighten Wellness, LLC.
  • Darin Olien – Author, Podcaster.
  • Harry Adelson – Doctor, Stem Cell Expert. Docere Clinics.
  • Vishen Lakhiani – Author, Activist, Founder & CEO. Mindvalley
  • Dr. Satchin Panda – Professor and Specialist in Circadian Rhythm. Salk Institute for Biological Studies.
  • Diana Rodgers – “Real Food” Nutritionist and Sustainability Advocate, Author and Speaker. Sustainable Dish.
  • Patrick McKeown – Founder & Author. Oxygen Advantage.
  • Amy Killen – “Sex & Skin” Anti-aging M.D. Docere Clinics.


Just to name a few…!




To conclude, the Health Optimisation Summit 2022 is an event like no other.

We think you will highly benefit from attending, regardless of if you are into red light therapy or not.

Remember knowledge without action is useless… in this event you will not only learn the science, but also discover how to take action and introduce all the latest biohacks to your routine, in order to improve your health and therefore, your life.


If you use the code: REDLIGHTRISING, you will get a 20% OFF regular tickets.

Do not think twice, click here and get your tickets!


Health optimisation summit 2022