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In this blog we are going to cover how to properly use your blue light glasses.


  • Computers, smartphones & tablets
  • Blue light glasses outdoors
  • Blue light glasses at home
  • Conclusion


Computers, smartphones & tablets 


Any time that you are using a screen monitor, laptop computer, smartphone and tablet, you can absolutely wear your blockers.


Several people spend at least 8 hours a day looking at a screen. That is a prolonged exposure time exposed to blue light, that is not natural and can lead to uncomfortable side effects like headache, dry eyes and poor sleep.


If this wasnÔÇÖt enough, most people, after all the hours staring at screens at work, then go home to find themselves staring at their smartphones or tablets which also emit blue light.


To reduce the harming effects of prolonged exposure to blue light, wearing your blockers everytime you stare at a screen, especially after 2pm, will protect your eyes and brain, reducing the digital strain on your eyes and optimising your day/night cycle in your brain.



Blue light glasses outdoors


Blue light is naturally produced by the sun in the early hours of the day. In fact, blue light is not bad itself, it is actually part of the natural spectrum of sunlight during the day. 


It is beneficial for boosting alertness, mood and attention. The problem is that you do not want to be exposed to blue light late in the afternoon and night. An excess of blue light is linked to headaches and makes it harder to fall asleep. If we are exposed to the blue light emitted by TVs, laptops, phones, etc. before going to bed, our brains get the signal that it is still time to be awake, even if we are physically tired.


You do not need to use your blue blockers outdoors because the sun will not emit excess blue light in the afternoon and evening times. You should only wear your blockers outdoors if there is no sun and all the illumination is artificial, in that case you should. Especially if you are in conference rooms, malls and airports, where the light is very bright and powerful. 


Blue light glasses at home


You have to keep in mind that pretty much all the lightbulbs and LED light at most homes also emit blue light. Unless you have changed your lightbulbs to red or are using dim or candle lights, you should definitely use your blockers. Especially if you are in front of the TV.


We strongly recommend anyone to buy red bulbs and use them during the evening or use candles or even a red light therapy device as ambient light.

Once the sun has set, you ideally should not be exposed to any bright lights until the next morning. 

red light home




To conclude, just remember that you can use your blockers any time you are staring at a screen, and especially in the afternoon/evening when blue light is not naturally present in the environment. 

And finally use it around the house if you have bright lights around you, in outdoor scenarios that have excess artificial light.

If the sun has set, you will definitely need them.


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