An amazing story from Sara


In this blog we are going to share with you a very inspiring red light therapy testimonial by one of our clients, Sarah.


  • Background story
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Conclusion


Background Story


Sara sent us an email the on the 21st of October 2021 with an amazing story. 

When she reached 30 years old, her world crumbled. She was constantly tired, sad and even though she was eating, she was still skinny. Her family thought it was depression, so they convinced her to start an anti-depressants treatment. 

Things got worse. She couldn’t even go up stairs. Suddenly, the green light on the pedestrian crossing became too short for her to reach the other side of the road in time. 

Very bravely, she decided to stop taking antidepressants to try to take back some control.

From time to time, she would panic or start crying in the middle of the night, at work, in the supermarket… she couldn’t control it so she started hiding.


She was sinking into a hole without knowing the reason. One day an ambulance had to pick her up at work because her heart was exploding, and that was the peak.


red light therapy testimonial - hashimotos




After that incident, she discovered she had hyperthyroidism. And everything made sense.

Her situation was so bad that her heart and liver were starting to fail. Then she started a treatment and her symptoms would change from rapid heartbeat, anxiety, tremors, intense sweating, muscle fatigue, sleep disturbances… and finally intestinal disorders that made her go to the toilet over 10 times a day. When she was finally at the end of the treatment, her doctor interrupted all the medicines because she was out of danger, but her hair started falling out, leaving her almost bald. She did not give up, instead, she shaved her hair to zero.


Red Light Therapy


After that, she discovered Red Light Rising and bought the Target Light Combo, which she started using every day over her head. She wanted to stop the depression that had gripped her for that long and was also looking for a push to make her hair strong again.

She also used the light on her thyroid to try to help with inflammation there.


The doctor was amazed by how fast she recovered. She took medicine for 4 months and next November will be her first year since she stopped the medication for hyperthyroidism.

She goes to the gym almost every day and spends long hours in front of the computer with no headache. She was even promoted at work and also started an after-work course to change her life. Her hair, 8cm long, is growing fast and it’s so strong that it stays vertical with no gel or wax. She has no gaps and she thinks it has never been as thick as it is now.


After reaching the bottom, she now feels she’s got the best of everything she always wanted.

She’s stronger than ever. At almost 32, she’s got the body she always dreamed of and her mind is finally light and bright.


She still uses the red light a couple of times per week because it relaxes her and keeps away the anxiety. She’s glad she gave it a try because it indeed worked for her.





Sara is an example of perseverance, commitment and self love. She never gave up and stayed strong despite having it all against herself, until she finally achieved health and a beautiful life.


For anyone reading this article, we encourage you to give red light therapy a try, just as Sara did. It might be just that decision that is going to change your life.

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red light therapy testimonial - hashimotos


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