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In this blog we are going to cover why blue light glasses should be an indispensable accessory for any gamer.


  • What are blue light glasses?
  • Why do you need blue light glasses to play videogames?
  • Pros and cons of wearing blue light glasses
  • Conclusion


What are blue light glasses?


Blue light glasses also called blue light blocking glasses or blue blockers, are glasses that have a specific colour of lens.


Depending on that colour, they are going to block more or less blue light.


For example in the case of our range of blue glasses you can find 2 different types of lenses.



You can find both results in this blog post Most effective Blue Light glasses [with Proof]


The main purpose of blue light glasses is to prevent blue light from disturbing your natural day/night body cycle. 


Before the invention of artificial light, the sun was the one regulating our sleep schedules. After sunset, the red colors before darkness would signal our brains that it was time to produce melatonin (the hormone that triggers sleep) and prepare the body for sleep.


Our current society is exposed to blue light during the day and late into the night. While exposure to any bright light can produce delays in the production of melatonin, blue light specifically can be very problematic as they precisely disrupt these signals causing less melatonin to be generated and dysregulating hormones in the body.

Essentially excess blue light exposure disrupts our natural body clocks (Circadian rhythm), because the brain associates the blue light with daytime, making it harder to fall asleep at night and wake up refreshed in the morning.


Why do you need blue light glasses to play video games?


When you play video games or you are exposed to any screen light, your brain perceives blue light and believes it is still day time. As a result your body will not trigger melatonin production, and you are going to have difficulty sleeping or poor quality sleep.


What happens if you wear blue light glasses?


When your eyes sense orange and red colours from the glasses, this indicates to the brain that the sun is going down, and the brain is able to start the release of melatonin hormone, and prepare the body for sleep. 


You can still play video games, but protecting your eyes, this way once you are done with playing, you will actually feel sleepy and your brain will be ready for sleep.


Blue Light Glasses for Gamers


Pros and cons of wearing blue light glasses 


Let’s dive into the pros and cons of wearing blue light glasses:




  • Better quality of sleep due to increased melatonin production.
  • Reduced headaches and tiredness as a result of having  better sleep.
  • Reduced eye strain by decreasing the amount of exposure to blue light.
  • Increased energy levels due to better sleep.
  • Hormone regulation after the circadian rhythm or internal body clock has adjusted to the new routine.
  • Better mood as a result of all the previous benefits.




  • The screen will appear red while you play.
  • You might be less alert because your body will start releasing melatonin.


I am not sure about you… but unless you make money playing video games and need to have a full colour experience and your full attention while you play, I am definitely going with the pros.




To conclude, we just want to mention that, at the end of the day your health is all that matters. 

If you lose your health, you might end up not being able to play video games at all…


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