Red light therapy is a very new concept to many people, leaving many to wonder, ‘Will it work for me?’

If that sounds like you, WE HAVE GOT GREAT NEWS!


Now you can rent ANY of our Red Light Therapy devices and enjoy the benefits without committing to buying a unit.

Here’s how it works.


Go to our website and select the option ‘Rent our light’.

Pay the returnable deposit and shipping.

Deposit and shipping will vary depending on which light you choose to rent.


Set up your Direct Debit to take monthly debits for as long as you keep the light.

Monthly rental cost will vary depending on which light you choose. 


When you are done, simply let us know and we will pick it up and return your deposit and shipping money back!

THAT EASY! – Rent your light HERE

Just bare in mind two IMPORTANT things:

  • Remember to KEEP the box so it can be shipped back.
  • The device MUST BE in the same condition as when you received it.


IMPORTANT: For other rental inquiries other than the Half Stack, please contact [email protected] – Thank you.

Red light therapy for rent