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Today we are going to answer a question that a lot of people ask us. Is Red light therapy anti-inflammatory? Read until the end, and you will find out the answer.


  • What is inflammation?
  • Causes and symptoms of inflammation
  • RLT and inflammation
  • Conclusion


What is inflammation?


Inflammation by itself, is actually not a bad sign. When there is inflammation, it means that the body is responding to some danger or problem happening. It is a necessary reaction that tells us there is a problem we need to take care of. It is the body fighting a potential danger to keep us healthy and safe.


Inflammation can manifest in different ways. It can be a part of your body getting hotter, redder, swollen and even becoming painful, potentially in response to an injury or an infection.


When inflammation becomes something chronic and permanent, then we have a big problem. This situation indicates a wider dysfunction of the body that the immune system is unable to solve.


Causes and symptoms of inflammation


Inflammation in the body can be caused by various factors.

red light therapy anti-immflamatory

  • Clear and known physical causes such as injuries, wounds, bruises, burns, etc.
  • It can be in response to external factors like an infection from germs.
  • We can also trigger inflammation with alcohol, toxins and chemical products. (1)
  • Lastly, inflammation can be a response of the body to environmental stressors such as poor nutrition, dehydration, lack of sleep and toxins exposure (2). These latest factors are the ones that can develop more serious chronic and long term inflammation.


The most common symptoms of inflammation are:


  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Heat
  • Pain
  • Loss of function

There is also strong evidence that suggests that inflammation can cause depression and the other way around is also true. Depression can cause inflammation. (3)


RLT and inflammation

When it comes to inflammation, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle for the RLT to work efficiently.


Moving the body regularly, having a healthy diet, sleeping enough and not exposing the body to harmful light can really reduce inflammation. If you are not doing any of these things, and hoping for RLT to work, it will be difficult because it will be like undoing all the work RLT is doing.


If you still haven’t, read What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy boosts the cells of the body and helps them accept nutrients faster which translates into quicker recovery, and it also helps them eliminate toxins faster, in other words, it promotes an increased production of anti-inflammatories.


Dr. Michael R. Hamblin, from Harvard Medical School, is the world’s leading RLT researcher and has openly shared on several occasions how RLT generates an “overall reduction in inflammation” in the body. (4)


red light therapy anti-inflammatory


What happens in the cells is, when exposed to red and near infrared light, they experience a very minimal form of stress that activates the natural protective mechanisms of the cells, boosting the production of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that promote and reduce the healing process. (4)




To conclude, introducing Red light therapy to your daily life can have a remarkable impact on your health by supporting your body’s natural healing process on a cellular level.


Chronic inflammation is a significant health risk, and needs to be taken seriously. Having a healthy lifestyle and using RLT as a tool to enhance the body’s immune system are the long term solutions that will have the greatest impact on your overall health. No medication or drugs can solve a cellular problem… they will merely act as temporary bandages but will not fix the problem.


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