RLT helps you lose fat faster


In today’s blog we are going to cover the relationship between Red Light Therapy and Weight loss.

  • Your ability to burn fat
  • The role of light in fat loss
  • RLT and fat loss
  • Conclusion


Your ability to burn fat


Environment has a huge role when it comes to losing or maintaining weight.

One reason most people fail in their fat loss journey is that they don’t change or adapt to their environment.


Believe it or not, the light in your environment can really affect your fat loss process. If your body is exposed to light at the wrong time of the day, the body’s ability to burn fat is massively affected.


People who are exposed to a lot of artificial light at night time have increased body mass, and worse metabolic profiles.


Because you are a human being, you need darkness at night, and sun exposure during the day to maintain a healthy body weight. Your internal body clock needs to be optimised for your hormones to work efficiently and light is the signal that tells your body when it’s time for the body to regulate all the processes. (1, 2, 3)

body clock fat burn

The role of light in fat loss


As we have just mentioned, light has an important effect on your body composition or the relationship between muscle mass and fat in your body.


It can be hard to understand how light can affect fat loss, but in the following examples you will see some case studies that will hopefully help you understand the concept better.


  • Firstly, light exposure in the morning increases weight loss while decreasing appetite. That early light exposure may specifically increase the amount of body fat you lose (4, 5).
  • Secondly, the greater your vitamin D deficiency, the higher risk for obesity (6, 7, 8).
  • Lastly, disruptions in the circadian rhythm, or the body’s 24h day and night cycle, are strongly linked to obesity risks. (9, 10, 11).


And of course, being exposed to artificial light at night, contributes to fat gain as we have mentioned before.


The light you are exposed to matters a lot more than you think.


RLT and fat loss


Although Red Light Therapy will not give you all the benefits of real sun exposure, it can give you great benefits that you can’t get from the sun. For instance, RLT can be used anywhere, at any time, and has many energy production advantages.


red light therapy for fat loss


Following are some studies that show how RLT can help your fat loss efforts.


  • In a study from 2011 women between the ages of 18 and 65 were treated with red light therapy twice a week, for 4 weeks, and treatment led to a 0.4 to 0.5 centimeter loss at the waist. In other words, women were losing fat by just putting more light in their bodies. Consequence? Over a period of a year, you may lose several inches by just including red light therapy into routine. (12)


  • In this other study from 2012, if you received the red light therapy intervention, you’d lose a combined 3 inches from your thighs, waist, and hips. These losses cannot be explained through reduction in the amount of water you hold, but instead, come from body fat reductions. (13)


  • One more study compared the effects of exercise and post-workout red light therapy. Using red light therapy after the workout resulted in greater reductions in body fat than exercise alone. Insulin sensitivity also increased, meaning that carbohydrates you eat are less likely to be stored as body fat and more likely to be stored in your muscle tissue. (14)


  • A combination of red, infrared, and blue light over 12 sessions led to a loss of  4.5 centimeters in size around the upper abdomen, and about 5 centimeters around the middle and lower abdomen. In other words, those numbers equal more than 2 inches. Yes, again, these women lost abdominal circumference without any exercise. (15)

Some more…


  • One study specifically compared the effects of applying red light therapy before or after a workout, against using no lights at all. Using lights both before and after a workout was also studied. The outcome? Combining red light before and after workouts had the best effects. (16)


  • Finally, the last study that combines endurance exercise and strength training demonstrated that the addition of red light therapy led to increased fat loss, specifically inches around the neck, waist, and additional loss of “visceral fat” – which is most dangerous for your health. (17)


As you can see, red light therapy improves your fat loss levels even if you don’t exercise, however, combined with exercise, the results improve significantly.




To conclude, remember that fat loss is a process that takes time, not something you can change in a few weeks. Your daily actions are what’s going to determine if you will lose weight or not.


Red light therapy is a great tool that you can use to make it much easier to lose that extra weight, but your eating habits and exercise are the key factor of your success.


Do you want to increase your chances of succeeding?

Take a look at our devices and find the one that can support you in your journey to weight loss.


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*You can find all the studies used for this blog below, as well as the source of inspiration.


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