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In this blog we are going to cover why blue light glasses need tinted frames. If you still haven’t, go first check out Do Blue Light glasses work? And Why use Blue light glasses? To have a better understanding of what blue light blocking means.

If you have already checked them out, or know what blue light is, this blog is going to show you why it is not worth it to buy clear lenses if you want to block enough damaging blue light to have a significant impact on your sleep and overall health.

The graphic below shows in a very easy to understand way why you need tinted lenses.


o Blue light Glasses need tinted frames?


The graphic is very self explanatory. Clear lenses are not going to block enough blue light and your brain is still going to believe you are in day time… This means:

  • Worse quality of sleep due to decreased melatonin production.
  • Increased headaches and tiredness as a result of having a poorer sleep.
  • Increased eye strain due to the amount of exposure to blue light.
  • Decreased energy levels due to poorer sleep.
  • Hormone disruption as a result of a dysfunctional circadian rhythm or internal body clock.
  • Worse mood as a result of all the previous consequences.


After reading these damaging consequences of excess blue light exposure, and having seen the graphic, you can easily understand that if you REALLY want to block damaging light, your blue light glasses need tinted frames.

The question now is. Are you going to buy the most effective blue light glasses?


If the answer is yes, click here


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