With the long dark winter months upon us, it seems more important than ever now that we do all we can to make sure our health is optimised as best as possible.

One of the best ways we can do this is my making sure our sleep patterns and circadian rhythm are as healthy and regular as can be.

How Do We Do This?

First, it’s useful to know that sleep is one of the most powerful habits we can improve on which will give us great benefits further down the road.

Below are just some of the benefits of regular, sufficient sleep.

  1. Increased weight loss
  2. Lowers inflammation
  3. Improves healing and recovery
  4. Improves muscle growth
  5. Improves cognitive function
  6. Optimises immune function 


In this article we will discuss how to use red light therapy and blue blocking technology to optimise our potential for higher quality sleep.

What Is Red Light Therapy? (RLT)

RLT is a science backed therapy which uses the healing properties of red and near infrared light to bring great energy production benefits to all the cells of the body as well as promoting the body’s own internal anti inflammatory systems.

Briefly, the treatment involves exposing the skin of the body to a powerful Red Light Rising device and letting the body absorb the light for as little as only 8 minutes per session.

Amongst a multitude of other benefits, RLT  has been shown to increase melatonin production   (the sleep inducing hormone). ( 1 , 2 )

Great, So What Is Blue Blocking Technology?

The terms, blue blocking, blue light blocking, junk light, artificial light and blue blocking technology refers to the practise of limiting our personal exposure to high amounts of artificial light / blue light / junk light. (The terms are used interchangeably) in our day to day environment.

Briefly, science tells us that blue light is the signal to our brains and our bodies, that the sun is up and therefore we should be awake, alert and active.

The fact that we are almost all overwhelmed by our personal computer devices and screens, means we are receiving far too much blue light at the wrong time of day( ie late afternoon, night time and bedtime) which disrupts our brains functions and ultimately leads to much poorer sleep and leaves us exposed to not healing and recovering better and comprising our immunity and leaving us more exposed to all major lifestyle diseases.

Amongst many other functions, blue light has been shown to disrupt melatonin production.

How Will The Ideal Day Look If I Were To Use RLT And Blue Blocking Technology?

Use RLT as close to sunrise/waking up as possible.

Get your rlt session done in whatever way you normally do.

Expose as much skin as possible, get the light on your chest, throat, face, eyes and head.

This tells your body it is sunrise.


Ideally head out doors immediately after your RLT session. Get natural/sunlight on your skin but especially in your eyes by gazing in the direction of the sun, but not directly at it.

These natural light signals tell your brain it certainly is day time and will promote your day time hormones and begin the body’s internal countdown to sleep. (Circadian rhythm)

After that, go about your day as normal making sure to keep your environment very well lit until at least around 4pm.

If you’re in an office building environment for most of your working day, we’d recommend wearing blue blocking eyewear from about 2pm as to begin managing the amount of blue light entering your eyes.

The DayPro lenses from RLR is a great option for this. 

Also, we recommend looking into software programs like F.Lux which will automatically adjust the colour and brightness of your screens to further limit your blue light exposure.

This and other programs are available for all devices.

During your commute from work to your next destination, be it gym, supermarket, dinner with friends, we’d recommend you keep your blue blocking DayPro lenses on, as unfortunately, we are absolutely surrounded by horrible junk light everywhere we go, especially in the dark winter months.

A second RLT session is highly recommended around sunset time/ or roughly 12 hours since your ‘sunrise’ session as this then forms the book end to the day, in the context of the light environment.

After this sunset mimicking session it is absolutely vital that your blue light is eliminated as much as possible.

One cannot tell your brain it is sunset time with red light therapy but then go and blast your brain with blue light from your Netflix session just before bed. This confuses your brain and causes the sleep hormones to be delayed by up to 2 hours, which means severely compromised sleep!

We therefore recommend leaving your red light therapy device on in your environment, as the ambient red light WILL NOT disrupt melatonin production.

Around this time is when we would recommend using the NightPRO lenses from RLR which will block 100% of blue light from entering your eyes from devices and household lighting. 

You’re Nearly Ready For Bed!

Once the evening has run its course and you’re ready for sleep, power down ALL devices and as much household lighting as possible as you prepare to get into bed and sleep.

After all these blue blocking efforts, it is important not to accidentally expose yourself to blue light by flipping the bathroom light on for your final toilet visit. 

Complete darkness is the goal at bedtime!

If you follow these guidelines as closely as possible, you’re almost guaranteed to see a great improvement of sleep quality within a few days!

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