Open glasses case, put glasses on your face. Done.

Seriously, it’s that simple!

Ok, There Is A Little More To It Than That…

If you’ve been into health, performance and recovery for a while, you’ve undoubtedly come across celebrities, athletes and influencers donning those unmistakable yellow or red lensed glasses.

Besides being one hell of a fashion statement, wearing blue blocking eyewear is one of the most accessible and easiest biohacks you can implement into your daily life to give you potentially massive gains!

How Can Wearing Coloured Spectacles Be That Important?!

Great question!

The reason for wearing these coloured lenses is to filter out the sleep damaging effects of artificial light, which we are inundated with in our modern lives.

You see, modern lighting and devices are very bright, which is very useful for finding lost items underneath the sofa or scrolling through YouTube.

The issue, however, is that generally speaking, most of us spend way too much time in this artificial light.

Think about it, remember a few years ago when the trend was to replace all our household light bulbs with energy efficient LED’s? 

And do you recall how much brighter those LED’s were than our older, more yellow/orangey light bulbs?

Well, part of the reason for their big increase in brightness is the fact they are able to produce a more intense form of light which is much higher in blue light. ( Which appears as a bright white light)

Nothing wrong with this is you’re looking for a needle in a haystack but this is terrible for you if you’re sitting in an office for 9 hours a day. That’s way too much blue light going into your brains and onto your skin.

Same goes with our devices. 

We don’t really need to get in this too much here, we all know we are spending way too much time on our cell phones, laptops, ipads and giant flat screen TV’s which are bigger than our actual apartments.

The problem with these lovely, functional, entertaining, hi definition devices is that they too contain unnatural levels of blue light and this unnatural blue light penetrates our eyes and our brains with detrimental effects.

What’s So Bad About Too Much Blue Light?

For a full scientific explanation on the effects of artificial or ‘junk’ light, check out our comprehensive article on the subject right HERE.

Briefly though, blue light or junk light or artificial light (the phrases are used interchangeably) is the type of light that comes from the sun and goes into our eyes and tells our brain it is day time, time to wake up and time for our day time hormones and bodily processes to kick into action. tiktok ucuz izlenme

This is of course wonderful and just what you’d want if you were a hunter gatherer or living off the land in nature.

This is even great if you’re a city dweller and you catch the morning sun as you’re on your way to the office.

The issue comes in when most of us ARE NOT living off the land and barely manage to see the sun at all, sometimes for months on end.

Instead we’re relying on our cell phones for work and entertainment and relying on overhead, modern lighting to light up our lives.

This bright light is overwhelmingly higher in the artificial blue light which our brains think is sunlight.

Our biology can’t tell the difference between sunlight and junk light and because we spend so much time in or under artificial blue light, our brains are constantly getting the message it’s day time, even if we’re watching Modern Family at 11pm at night, wrapped up on the sofa.

Blue light or artificial light or junk light, in high quantities confuses our brains, ruins our eye health, delays the onset of the sleep hormone melatonin and can cause serious health problems if our sleep is persistently of low quality. 

Check out this article here for a more indepth look at the importance of ensuring our natural sleep/wake cycle is not disturbed.

Wow, So How Do I Use Blue Blockers?

Using blue blocking eyewear is as simple as putting your glasses on your face at the right time and thus filtering out that nast blue junk light.

Introducing the DayPro and NightPro lenses from Red Light Rising!

We currently offer 2 different options of lenses for our premium blue blocking glasses.

The DayPro lens

The RLR DayPro lens does exactly what is says on the tin. 

These are the yellow lenses and are designed to be worn by those that have office jobs and will be sitting around in an artificially lit office or building or conference room for more than 1 or 2 hours.

DayPro Lenses Block Out 95% Of All Blue Light

If this is you, you should wear these lenses every single day while in those environments.

Put these glasses on at around 2pm. This is the time of day when natural sunlight will start to change from blue/white and head towards the more gentle yellow and orange of the late afternoon.

With DayPro lenses you will be mimicking this change of light. 

This serves as a message to your brain that the day is getting on and eventually the sun will be gone altogether.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that once you start blue blocking, that you don’t then go and take your glasses off and watch a movie for 2 hours at 7pm as you will then just undo all the good work of blocking the blue light by letting in a flood of junk light from the movie. Your brain will think the sun has suddenly come up again!

DayPro lenses may be worn from 2pm onwards, if you’re indoors, and can be worn right up until bedtime, although this is not as effective as using NightPro lenses before bed.

The NightPro Lens

These are the RED lenses in our range of premium blue blockers.

These lenses are designed to be worn for 2-3 hours BEFORE going to sleep for the night.

NightPro Lenses Block 100% Of Blue And Green Light

The NightPro mimick darkness.

These are the glasses you wear after sunset, when it is dark outside, but you’re in your house trying to get the last few chores or emails done. With NightPro lenses you can still enjoy your Netflix or Tik Tok time without the devastating effects of all that artificial light.

You wear these glasses as you go about your business for the last 2 or 3 hours before bed. Your eyes receive ZERO blue light and therefore your brain is certain it is night time and it knows it is only a couple hours before sleep and therefore a healthy brain will begin to produce that wonderful sleep hormone melatonin and as soon as your head hits the pillow, you’re off to dreamland.

Sounds Great! Do I Need Both Lenses though?

In an ideal world, yes.

What we, the founders of Red Light Rising do, is use our DayPro lenses from 2pm onwards in our office environment and then at around 7pm we switch to our NightPro lenses for those last few hours before bed.

It depends on your personal situation.

Are you an office worker or someone that is on a computer all day? Then you 100% need the DayPro lenses.

Are you spending most of your day time outside or at least very close to a source of natural light and you only use a computer for an hour or 2 everyday? Perhaps you don’t need DayPro lenses, but if you’re going home in the evening and watching telly and sitting under artificial lights then you need the NightPro lenses for sure.

The Bottom Line 

Something as easy and simple to use as blue blocking eyewear which can have such a dramatic effect on sleep quality, simply should not be ignored.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably somewhat interested in improving your health and this is a great way to do it!

For a limited time only you’ll be able to grab a red light therapy device and a set of premium blue blocking eyewear PLUS A DISCOUNT from Red Light Rising. Check out our Winterproof packs now here. 
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