THIS week, we spoke to Tyrese Francois, a 19-year-old professional footballer for Fulham FC, fitness and wellbeing fanatic, and all-round model athlete.

We talked to the midfield starlet about training, recovery, bulletproof mindset, adapting lifestyle during lockdown and his newfound fascination with the world of biohacking.

In your own words Tyrese, just tell the readers a little about yourself and your journey that got you here today as a professional footballer for Fulham.

My name is Tyrese Francois, I am 19 years old, and I’ve been playing football ever since I can remember. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional footballer 6 years ago. I signed for Fulham in 2014 and have never looked back since. I am halfway through my second professional contract and I’m loving every. Single. Day of it.

As a pro athlete, your health and wellbeing are of course essential to your success. Could you give us a glimpse into your daily routine and training regime?

My training regime obviously varies depending on when the games fall, but usually in a typical week we will train around 5 times and play one match. Which leaves us with just one day for rest.

Tell us about your general recovery process you undergo as a professional athlete.

My general recovery process usually includes Cryotherapy or ice bath, the use of compression tights, red light therapy, floating tank, supplementation (protein, creatine) and finally I pay a lot of attention on optimising my sleep.

This crazy time of covid-19 has seen many of the general public exercise more than ever and take up new physical activities. Whereas for a footballer like yourself, I imagine it’s hard to replicate your typical regime away from the training ground…

How have you found keeping healthy during quarantine and how have you adapted to maintain your fitness and wellbeing?

Yes, this period of quarantine has been very different and strange from our normal regime as we went from training and playing practically every day, to suddenly being away from the whole training environment.

Personally, I tried to structure my day so that it was similar to when I was back at training. This allowed me to fit in all my fitness and strengthening work in the first half of the day which meant I had more than enough free time to relax and work on any personal things I felt was necessary.

Also, I obviously had to make minor adjustments to my diet as I wasn’t training at the same intensity that I was prior to lockdown.

I’ve heard you really look after your health and wellbeing and are a top professional for someone of such a young age, is there anything you do outside of your given regime at Fulham to help keep you at the top of your game?

Outside of the training ground I do quite a lot of work on self-development and optimising recovery, health and performance. I do a lot of work on trying to create a bullet proof mindset. I work with a sports psychologist and also have a mindfulness programme that I do. I’ve recently had a huge fascination with the biohacking environment which is the reason why I do red light therapy & use a float tank.

You suffered an injury recently and used red light therapy to help aid the recovery process. Just tell us a little bit about that injury and how you used red light therapy to help recover.

Yes, I suffered quite a severe injury in October. I was on the wrong end of a bad challenge which lead me to be out for about 3 months. I did a few ligaments in my left ankle. I did a similar injury in the same ankle 2 years ago which is the reason why this time around I wanted to try a different approach. Especially when I was in crutches red light therapy really helped me.

Of course, red light therapy is not only something that can aid recovery, but also help with sleep, anti-inflammation, joint pain, skin health, muscle growth and more. Did you experience any of these benefits whilst using red light therapy also? bornova escort

Yes, I have definitely noticed the benefits in my skin health, muscle recovery post injury and an increase in energy levels. Red Light therapy truly does work for me hence the reason why I use it every day.

Going on from that, is red light therapy something you could see yourself using in your career for the foreseeable now, not just for injuries?

I really do believe I will be using red light therapy in the future. At the moment, it is part of my daily routine and I have been using it religiously. I started using it because of my injury but have now just incorporated it into my daily routine as I saw all the benefits.

After having used red light therapy, could you see its benefits for anyone out there, not just elite athletes?

Definitely. I think red light therapy can be for everyone. Like I said earlier I have experienced the benefits in my skin, mood/energy, sleep and muscle recovery, which are things that can benefit everyone, not just athletes.

Tyrese is the second professional footballer to proudly use Red Light Rising to help optimise their performance and wellbeing, with Manchester City Laura Coombs also proudly affiliated with Red Light Rising as you can see here from her testimonial on our website.

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