From the age of 17, Christian Thomson was a force to be reckoned with in the ring, claiming  five back-to-back British kickboxing titles, a Junior European Championship gold and a World Championship title in 2011. But behind closed doors Christian was in a fight with his own health.

As it turns out, it was his own long and fruitless search for a diagnosis that led him to establish a health and wellness consultancy. The product of jumping through hoop after hoop of a health system not equipped to manage non-life-threatening health conditions.

Eventually Christian was found to have heavy metal poisoning from mercury amalgams in his teeth. This caused him to have severe chronic fatigue, among other symptoms that forced him into an early retirement from kickboxing. Now fit and well, Christian has turned his attention to working with others he says are falling through the cracks in the health system. 

His mission – to optimise people’s health using a full turnkey system of testing, analysis and diagnostics to get to the bottom of underlying health conditions, or simply to help those not feeling at their best.

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“When looking at a blood test for example, doctors are looking at how close are you to death and if you’re far enough away then you’re fine. We look at how close you are to optimal health,” he says.

We met Christian early on in the Red Light Rising journey while at a bio-hacking meet up in London. 

Ever since we’ve been working closely with him to assist his own clients with incorporating red light therapy into their routines, but also on his own journey back to the top. 

And that means aiming for another World Championship title next year – a remarkable feat after seven years out of the ring.

Christian uses our Full Stack red light every morning and night for 10-minutes each time and

sometimes a little longer if he feels like the extra boost. 

It’s the combination of healing and increased energy production that gets Christian most excited.

“It increases ATP energy production and that’s a huge factor in the body’s ability to heal. For example my eyesight was deteriorating to the point that I was having to wear glasses to drive. Using red light and some other supplements, it’s saved my eyesight.

“Red Light Rising are the only home-based red light device company that I recommend and that’s because they measure the output of their devices. Too much or too little red light can be problematic so it’s important to know what you’re getting.”

In preparation for his return to the ring, Christian is using red light therapy to enhance his training and recovery.

He’s even conducted his own experiments to validate the clinical research he’s read around its effect on physical performance. In a simulation of a similar trial, Christian tested his one rep max bicep curl and noticed a 10kg increase in just seven days with no training in between.

“The studies show it increases your muscular capacity for work. For me, that’s something I’ve noticed straight away and it’s particularly good when going through intense training bouts.”

As for his clients, Christian continues to recommend red light therapy, especially for those experiencing low energy, difficulty sleeping or managing thyroid disorders as just a couple of examples.

It’s one of many modalities Christian prescribes to people he says fall into the “grey areas of medicine”.

“There is a huge gap in the market between health and fitness on the one hand and medicine on the other. Preventative health is the real wild west at the moment. It’s emerging and there are no real qualifications within it, which means people can be cornered into different specialities where experts are telling them half-truths to sell them a solution. You can’t specialise in everything, but you can be a specialist of the human experience and that’s what I’m trying to achieve.”

Christian has kindly offered those within the Red Light Rising community a discount on a finger prick blood test and analysis, at just £219 for those in the UK, or £50 off the normal price for those outside the UK.

The test looks at 41 markers that assess a broad set of organ systems including the circulatory system, liver, kidney, immune system and fat metabolism. You will also receive a full symptom analysis to compare both subjective symptomology to objective blood analysis.

Go to to arrange and don’t forget to quote ‘Red Light Rising’ to claim the offer.

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