What are you looking to get from Red Light Therapy?

In our previous article, we discussed how red and near-infrared light help our mitochondria function better, meaning more energy and less risk for disease.

With regular dosing, these health benefits can be seen and felt in no time at all. At the bottom of the article is a table which shows where research on humans has proven that the stated wavelengths provides benefits for that specific condition.  There is no surprise that scientists are saying that it won’t be long until every household has a few light therapy devices!

A quick look at some of the benefits…

For those passionate about beauty, you would have heard about ‘red light facials’ that are offered at spas.  You now have the potential to have a spa quality facial from the comfort of your home, at your own leisure.  This is achieved through enhanced regeneration in the cells of your face, which can fade fine lines and wrinkles amongst other things.  We’ll be taking a slightly deeper dive into this in future articles…

Anyone who loves the gym, the benefits allow improved recovery, getting you back ready for the next session quicker and safer than most alternatives.  These benefits are through the stimulation of stem cells, increased muscle blood flow plus reducing scarring, and increased speed of regeneration in ligaments and tendons.  What are you waiting for!

It is not only humans who can benefit from Red Light Therapy…  Dogs, horses, hamsters, rabbits and a number of other animals can all have significant benefits from light therapy.  Vets are increasingly using light therapy as a treatment for animal conditions.  It is increasing in popularity globally.  It is proven to treat a number of skin conditions, hair regrowth, wound healing and acute or chronic pain.

This is not a comprehensive list of the benefits, and there are plenty more which have not been confirmed by human research yet, but I feel it is still worth mentioning some of them…

Increased Testosterone; Fertility and Sperm; Bone repair; Hypertension; Multiple Sclerosis; Parkinson’s; And many more…

In our next article…

…we are reviewing the intensity requirements and what you need to think about regarding treatment times based on these measurements.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and also to share any of your experiences with Red Light Therapy.  We will be rolling out a competition for one of our Target Bulbs in the coming weeks, so please look out for that.

Kind Regards,

The Red Light Rising Team

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