Hi, it’s James here and I have some GREAT news!

We all understand the importance of sleep for health and wellness. Life always throws challenges when trying to focus on your bedtime routine to get as much of the sacred deep sleep as possible.

I’ve been tracking my sleep for the last 2 years with my Oura Ring, and the insights have been incredible. Nothing could prepare me though, for the challenges of being a new parent!

My wife and I welcomed our first child in to the world. A perfect little Girl called Summer. We’re over the moon! As all the parents out there are aware though, it comes with some inevitable challenges, especially around sleep! It gave me an opportunity to really test the efficiency of red light in maintaining circadian alignment, plus test some blue blocking glasses out for effectiveness, plus some supplements.

Sleep has always been a challenge for me, when I first got my Oura ring in 2018, during my first year of use my deep sleep averaged at <20 mins, with frequent nights of 10-12 mins deep sleep, on total sleep of 7h 30min – not very efficient.

Through optimisation, using RLT and other protocols, I’ve improved this to an average of 56 mins deep sleep on less total sleep, much lower latency, and I’m feeling the benefits – I frequently get over 1 hour deep sleep now. This week, my little girl turns 8 weeks and I wanted to share with you some of my sleep stats from this period…

Average Total Sleep is 6hrs 11mins while sleeping in 2-3 blocks through the night

Average Deep Sleep is 51mins Antalya Escort Bayanlar

Despite having LESS sleep, it being continually broken, plus erratic bed times and routines, I’m getting much more efficient sleep, and pretty much the same deep sleep. Incredible!! HD Porno

What am I doing to hold onto this precious deep sleep?? Let me tell you…

– Red Light Therapy every morning, not only energising me for the day ahead, but this acts as a circadian marker. Studies have also shown this can cause an increase in melatonin production and deeper sleep as a result come evening time 🙂

– Incandescent and red bulbs in sleep and baby changing environment, to avoid any bright lights entering my eyes, or shining on my skin. This is critical to ensure your body does not get any signals that it is morning time, and to release cortisol.

– Blue Blocking glasses (more on this in future newsletters!) 1-2 hours before bed, plus I wear them every time I get up through the night religiously. Similar to the choice of bulbs above, this ensure my eyes are protected even further from any lights that may signal that it’s morning time, and wake your body up.

– Magnesium and Niacin supplements before bed, part of my staple supplements stack.

– 1 or 2 kiwifruit 1 hour before bed. Believe it or not, there are a number of key antioxidants, potassium and serotonin contained in this super-food. New research suggests eating a kiwifruit may have significant benefits for sleep quality, give it a go and let me know what you think!

The last 8 weeks have been incredible, a truly magical time for my family and I. It has also brought me back to the power these bio-hacks, and the effects they can have on sleep and life quality.

It has sparked a real passion in me, and Red Light Rising will be releasing some new products in this space in the near future to support all performance and recovery goals…watch this space 🙂

Sending you healthy vibes,


CEO & Co-Founder

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